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The success of your hospital depends largely on your ability to recruit and retain qualified provider candidates. But recruiting top talent is a full-time job.

A turnkey solution for your hospital-based provider teams, our physician recruitment and retention services cover onboarding through performance growth so you can focus on the issues that matter most.

What makes us different?

Trusting an external team to staff and manage your hospital-based provider teams requires confidence and a certain kind of comfort. Blame it on our Southern roots, at SCP we pride ourselves on our personal approach to team management. From our Provider Concierge Program to our dedicated Provider Resources Team, we care for your team members as you do your patients.

  • Provider Resources Team

    Our recruitment engine isn’t run as a part of our operations team like most of our competitors. We built a dedicated Provider Resources Team focused solely on keeping our providers happy at every stage and leading the industry in how we serve and support them.
  • One-of-a-kind Concierge Program

    As additional support for our providers, our Provider Concierge Team actively serves as an extension of all client services teams within our organization. The team offers constant support, feedback, and communication to providers from onboarding through employment, and assistance is immediate and personal.
  • State-of-the-art Provider Portal

    A robust tool for tracking performance, accessing treatment protocols, and continuing education, the Provider Portal is a mobile-enabled, secure, and integrated communication hub designed exclusively for our provider network.

    • Extensive education tools and resources
    • Credited diagnostic and patient care management aids
    • Complimentary membership and unlimited access to UpToDate® and VisualDx
    • Documentation feedback and education
    • Real-time, individualized performance data
    • User-friendly shift schedule management
    • Company news, medical alerts, and information
    • Access to patient records
Partner Resources Department for provider recruitment, onboarding, and retention

How our approach helps you

We recruit physicians with the experience, professional character, and communication skills that can deliver the utmost in quality care. Our recruitment teams match provider goals and lifestyle preferences with the facilities best suited to their needs. That way, you get a team of enthusiastic providers specifically suited to your hospital’s unique patient care challenges.

  • Win over top talent in highly competitive markets

    With 70+ recruiters, we develop an assertive recruiting posture for our client hospitals, so your staffing needs are brought to the forefront at the local and the national level. We also offer attractive compensation packages with bonus programs, loan assistance, and other variable pay options so you can meet the needs of your market.
  • Leverage economies of scale with a nationwide provider pool

    Our national Lead Generation Center supports regional and localized provider recruiters, offering you broad recruiting with a personalized local touch.
  • Engage medical leadership early in recruitment process

    As soon as we identify a new potential provider, we connect them with the regional physician leader for their area. Facilitating provider connections is just another way our personal touch positively impacts recruiting and retention.
  • Recruit the next generation of providers

    Our full-time resident recruiters are tasked with visiting every EM, FP, and IM residency program in the country. By supporting new physicians with valuable resources and assisting with their transition from residency to employment, we net talented young providers with strong loyalty to our company and our client hospitals.