Clinical Workflow Technologies

SCP Health developed and deployed a secure, cloud-based suite of proprietary mobile and desktop applications called mySCP. These apps reach clinicians individually to power the management of all clinicians and clinical practices and enable continuous performance improvement.

mySCP Connect is a messaging application for communication between clinicians.

mySCP Connect

A secured and HIPAA-compliant messaging application for effective communication 

  • Direct and consistent clinician communication
  • Group messaging
  • Broadcast notifications
  • Available from onboarding stage and throughout employment
  • mySCP Practice is an interactive individual and group scheduling, onboarding progress tracking, and document management.

    mySCP Practice

    A practical application focused on streamlining practice management

  • Scheduling capabilities
  • Shift request management
  • Onboarding, credentialing, and enrollment
  • Documentation
  • Up-to-date clinician profile
  • mySCP Care provides clinicians with the most relevant patient information in a timely manner, on an integrated platform.

    mySCP Care

    A functional, clinician-focused application to enhance quality by facilitating efficient workflows and patient encounters

  • Facilitates workflows
  • Patient encounter support
  • Personal metric displays
  • Clinician dashboards
  • Digital review and attestation of NPs/PAs
  • mySCP Heal is a platform that connects clinicians to patients for virtual care and guidance.

    mySCP Heal

    A virtual care platform that connects clinicians to patients for virtual clinical care encounters and guidance.

  • Patient follow-up visits after hospital discharge
  • Home health consults
  • Acute care consults for patients in ED or inpatient units
  • Virtual ED visits with onsite SCP clinicians
  • Digital Technology Platform

    Data Exchange Insights

    SCP Health uses insights and benchmarks from data to impact and improve operations. Leveraging our advanced analytics and artificial intelligence software, we consistently finish in the top tiers of performance in a variety of hospital and community settings.

    Core Systems + Value

    Core system functions enable us to support clinical encounters, track productivity, and collect clinical data. We place all these functions on one platform and use the raw data input to produce high-value, actionable data for clients and clinicians. 

    Real-Time Clinical Data

    Hospital clinical data feeds combined with SCP Health artificial intelligence enable hospitals and health systems to view rapid-cycle performance reports for developing quality improvement and dynamic scheduling. 

    Portals: Client, Clinician, and Patient

    Client and clinician-facing portals feature customized dashboards to view both high-level and detailed presentations of data, metrics, and analytics all in one place. Patient-facing portal offers billing details, payment options, and explanations. 

    Artificial Intelligence

    Dynamic Staffing

    SCP Health developed proprietary and advanced artificial intelligence software and leverages its predictive analytic capabilities to create dynamic staffing schedules. The advantages of dynamic staffing include: 

    • Increased shift parity 
    • Enhanced scheduling accuracy up to 90 days in advance 
    • Improved provider satisfaction 
    • Reduction in flex coverage needs 
    • Optimized RVU-related productivity 
    • Better work-life balance 
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    Clinical Education
    and Training

    Our commitment to education begins in the onboarding phase and continues throughout your career with access to clinical tools, compliance training, over 300 hours of CME courses, and more. 

    Home Virtual Health Solutions 

    Health care extends beyond the four walls of the hospital. Our virtual health solutions work to broaden reach and increase the impact of care. Clinical support at every stage of the health care journey serves to increase patient satisfaction, maximize patient engagement, and build community trust.

    Care Coordination

    Remote assistance navigating post-acute care, including new clinical encounters and resource connections 

    Virtual Care

    Virtual clinical guidance and new patient encounters 

    Patient Engagement

    Follow-up outreach efforts to increase patient access and build patient loyalty 

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