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Today, hospitals must get creative to find new sources of revenue among decreasing reimbursement and increasing regulations. And sometimes those hospital revenue sources can be hard to reveal. That’s where the SCP team can step in to help.

Our medical practice management team has decades of experience enacting improvements in patient satisfaction, community-physician relationships, and direct-to-employer marketing strategies to increase hospital revenue. 


Find out how SCP Health is transforming healthcare challenges into healthcare triumphs

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Proven hospital revenue growth strategies

Reveal new opportunities with our transparent data analytics that highlight workflow and process innovations for hospital revenue growth. 

  • Reduce physician practice variation when you use our Provider Comparison tool to identify inconsistencies for establishing consistent quality care.
  • Increase admissions capacity by reducing LOS with efficient patient hand-offs from our EM/HM integration and intensivist programs
  • Grow Medicare revenue with value-based payment incentives from our patient engagement strategies and programs to reduce hospital readmissions penalties.
  • Maximize collections through our transformative revenue cycle strategies.
  • Increase patient satisfaction with our lower average LWOT scores and patient navigation programs that drive loyalty.
  • Boost admitter loyalty with our primary and specialty care integration programs and trained Medical Directors who build relationships with community care providers.

Value-based reimbursement

Say goodbye to fee-for-service healthcare. CMS is now rewarding high-performing providers with increased payments. And performance isn’t equated just to throughput, but also to the quality of patient care.

At SCP, 100% of our client hospitals qualify as high-performance providers and are eligible for up to 4x upward payment adjustment factors. This can mean big boosts in revenue for your hospital.

 We help hospitals across the nation transition to value-based and other new care models. 

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SCP hospitals exceed national PQRS and VBP averages.

Our hospital clients exceed national PQRS and VBP averages and qualify for value-based payment revenue increases.

Payor contracting and management

Maximize hospital revenue and offset program costs with innovative contracting and custom payor strategies.

  • Identify contracting opportunities including strategic alignment with large healthcare systems.
  • Evaluate suitability of Medicare Shared Savings programs and ACOs.