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In today’s era of value-based care, hospital management system costs are soaring. Without proper attention, resource expenditures can quickly catapult, threatening your hospital’s already-thin margins.

SCP helps hospital clients identify and realize opportunities to control resource expenditure with proven approaches that reduce hospital costs and boost provider productivity.

Subsidy costs

Control subsidies while continuing to provide value with our operational and clinical innovation strategies. 

  • Minimize waste and achieve pricing gains by aligning staffing levels with actual need using our predictive analytics.
  • Distribute subsidy costs across several client sites through our innovative care technology integrations like telehealth.
  • Reduce recruiting costs by leveraging economies of scale with our recruitment team’s national reach

Innovative Ways to Improve Patient Care, Cost-Efficiency

Improve cost efficiency and patient care 

Hospital administrators and clinical providers must work together to find forward-looking solutions to improve patient care and manage hospital costs without sacrificing quality. 

Service delivery costs

Track and improve metrics that affect your bottom line with the actionable data and insights we bring to the table.