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Patient satisfaction and quality care are central to any hospital’s mission. But sometimes performance objectives, stakeholder pressure, or market circumstances can make delivering on that priority a challenge.

We work with hospitals to implement workflow and process innovations that improve patient satisfaction, drive patient volume, and increase repeat business in a long-term, sustainable manner


Positive patient experiences correlates with clinical quality

Research shows that patients with better care experiences are often more engaged in their care, more committed to treatment plans, and more receptive to medical advice.

Positive patient experience strategies

CMS performance measures aim to ensure that patients receive effective, safe, patient-centered, equitable, and timely healthcare. And that’s what we strive to deliver for our hospital and health system clients.

  • Improve patient experience through patient-centered provider training programs and aligned incentives for patient satisfaction scores.
  • Enhance continuity of care and streamline clinical handoffs with integrated EM, HM and ICU services.
  • Deliver accessible care to remote or immobile patients through telemedicine technology.
  • Capture patient feedback at the point of care with patient satisfaction surveys.
  • Prevent readmissions and support patients in the transition from hospital to community care with door-to-door coordination and management.
  • Ensure patient safety through our monthly patient safety organization reviews.


Positive performance metrics drive increasing patient satisfaction

Learn how a major university system created a positive patient experience and a better work environment for staff and clinicians.

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