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Your hospital’s reputation affects not only patient loyalty in healthcare and patient satisfaction in hospitals, but also your ability to attract qualified care providers and potential healthcare partners. But sometimes, maintaining the balance between business interests and the betterment of community health can be difficult.

Our hospital reputation management strategies can help you take back, maintain, or grow market share while retaining a focus on better community health, so you can become the provider of choice in your community.

Addressing threats to your market share

Regardless of size or location, your hospital business will be threatened by competitive care providers. With the emergence of urgent care centers, freestanding EDs, the advent of telemedicine options, and market entry from “disruptive” competitors like Uber, today’s patients have a variety of destinations to select for their care. 

Here are some ways SCP can help you improve hospital reputation and attract more loyal patients:

  • Create more convenient, accessible services (extended hours, broader locations, walk-in visits, telehealth/eHealth consultations).
  • Deliver concierge-level patient experiences.
  • Establish the ED as the “front door” to the hospital by ensuring the staff and experience set the tone for the remainder of the patient experience.
  • Use hospital performance data to identify opportunities for improvement.


A marketing engine for your hospital

Make strides in patient preference and improve your payor mix with a managed community marketing strategy.

Delivering positive experiences

Research shows that patients respond to positive care experiences with their loyalty, and high-quality provider-patient relationships are a major predictor of that loyalty. 

We help hospital clients improve patient experience through:

  • Monthly cross-functional/cross-department meetings by our Joint Operating Council to work on common workflow initiatives
  • Provider training, “elbow-to-elbow” coaching, and mentoring
  • Medical leadership training
  • Smooth EM/HM/ICU handoffs and patient transitions
  • Automated email notifications to a community-based primary care physician upon admissions and discharges to ensure continuity of care

Developing relationships with outlying providers

Referrals from area providers not associated with your facility are a means of increasing your market share. Private practice, office-based providers may choose to change referral patterns when they have a relationship with a Hospital Medicine group closer to home for their patients.

We help clients review referral and transfer rates and ultimately increase revenue through promotional strategies based on a community approach to care. Our Hospital Medicine practice managers and Medical Directors proactively meet with local Primary Care Physicians to grow hospital medicine programs and attract more loyal admitters to the hospital.