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Your hospital collects data day in and day out, but you may not have visibility into these data points or the personnel to transform raw information into actionable change.

At SCP, we began collecting data and investing in data science almost a decade ago and have amassed a rich repository of more than 40 million patient encounters with 170 data points from each patient chart. Today we continue to invest heavily in innovative business intelligence software, data analytics tools, and revenue management platforms to study provider practice patterns, patient volume, operational, and reimbursement trends. This allows our physicians, providers, and hospitals timely access to data that allows empowered, intelligent decision-making. 

Data-enabled hospital performance solutions

Excellent clinical care is at the center of everything we do. We leverage data in all aspects of our client engagements so that hospitals can rapidly implement desired changes and monitor the impact on patient satisfaction, clinical outcomes, and quality measures.

Hospital performance indicators:

  • Volume and time trends for staffing analysis
  • Throughput times and loss revenue analysis
  • Admission and transfer data by disposition, diagnoses, and age
  • Patient triage level patterns
  • Patient satisfaction trends by physician
  • Physician productivity and practice patterns
  • Resource utilization
  • PQRS and core measure data
  • Patient volumes
  • Top diagnoses and CMI trends
  • Individual provider scorecards
  • Recruiting and status updates


Partnering with SCP means access to first-class data that will change the way you provide care, manage costs, and envision the future.

Our goal is to help you exceed yours. 

Learn how SCP Health used data-driven tactics to increase provider productivity and improve core performance metrics at a Virginia health system.

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Clinical care and data are core to SCP’s value-focused performance.

Hospital performance tools and reports

With SCP’s robust analytics suite, you can monitor hospital performance measures and get empowered with the information you need to continually improve care delivery.

Hospital scorecards and trend graphs

SCP hospital scorecards and trend graphs

Facility dashboards give a high-level view of your hospital’s performance. Compare to national hospital productivity benchmarks, review the efficiency of systems and processes, and make changes that improve operations and market share.

Individual provider performance scorecards

SCP provider performance scorecards

Providers get access to transparent data for performance comparisons between peers, across a system, compared to all SCP providers, and to national hospital productivity benchmarks. Also, we are the only company that has a near “real-time” Electronic Provider Feedback (EPF) mechanism that allows for documentation re-evaluation and deficiency corrections in a timely manner. This includes quality issues such as Core Measures and PQRS Metrics, as well as other potential documentation deficiencies.

SCP Provider Portal


Achieve real-time provider comparison insights into response times, core measures, satisfaction, and documentation elements with the Provider Portal. This integrated, connected, personalized, and scalable tool is available on desktop or mobile for convenient access. 

Proactive trend analysis 

Our proactive and anticipatory approach combined with our robust data set allows us to identify treatment patterns and the needs of your specific community in real time. From disease outbreaks to seasonal flu patterns, you can use our data-powered custom insights to predict change and identify performance improvement opportunities for your hospital.