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As healthcare demands and reimbursements shift, it’s imperative to consider adjustments to the manner in which you deliver care.

In the pursuit of the highest quality, most efficient care, we continually innovate delivery models based on our advanced analytics and predictive modeling engines. Transform your hospital from volume-based financial incentives to value-based metrics with our innovative healthcare models.

Team-based model care

Sometimes alternative coverage models can be the key to maximizing cost containment while continually meeting quality standards. We can evaluate your hospital’s practice patterns to determine when it’s appropriate to leverage nurse practitioners or physician assistants—keeping in mind consistent delivery of quality patient experiences. 


Impact of diverse care teams on performance

By building out the provider team with both nurse practitioners and physicians, this Hospital Medicine program was finally able to maintain a fully staffed schedule, while also positively impacting ALOS, facility spending, and more.

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With the shift from fee-for-service to value-based care, admission penalties that require more proactive and preventive care capabilities and higher costs, telemedicine has increasingly become a next generation innovative care solution for hospitals. Providing greater patient satisfaction, documentation compliance, and a high level of care, our telemedicine services could be a cost-effective solution for your facility.

Telemedicine Solution

Emergency Department/Hospitalist Hybrid Model

In many smaller facilities, there are not enough admissions to warrant hiring a hospitalist team—but admitted patients from the Emergency Department (ED) still need to be cared for.

To address this challenge, our ED/Hospitalist Hybrid Model trains ED physicians to extend their responsibilities and simultaneously provide emergency and inpatient care to the hospital's patients.

Learn more about the details and benefits of this model.

Flex Staffing

Volumes are unpredictable—but your coverage and care don’t have to be. SCP Health features a suite of flex staffing strategies that can be customized and combined to fit each hospital and system’s specific needs. From regional response teams to patient information lines, learn how SCP uses an innovative care delivery approach to address volume fluctuation and achieve success.

Explore our flex staffing strategies.

Our business development team can help determine which value-based innovative care delivery models are right for your hospital

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