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We take care of the basics, providing a high-quality, consistent team of providers, so your hospital can deliver optimal, patient-centric care. SCP specializes in flexible and reliable staffing solutions and building clinical teams to meet your particular hospital’s needs. We assess your facility’s size and demands to recommend the most appropriate and cost-effective coverage model.

Your clinical team

  • Emergency Medicine

    The Emergency Department (ED) is the front door to your hospital. We provide you with the people and technologies to help you put your patients first. Led by an outstanding Medical Director, who is also backed by a hands-on board-certified emergency medicine physician executive, our exceptional emergency physicians undergo an extensive screening, interview, and credentialing process, as well as patient satisfaction training and continuous education, prior to joining your ED team.

    We excel in:

    • Medical Director leadership development to support cultural change initiatives
    • Provider facing tools to reduce practice variation and increase protocol compliance
    • Experienced operations teams to optimize throughput and patient experience
  • Hospital Medicine

    A strong Hospital Medicine program improves continuity of care and benefits your hospital, patients, medical staff, and community. Our Internal Medicine and Family Practice hospitalists manage care for hospitalized patients and play an essential role in assuring admissions, treatment plans, and discharge processes are seamless.

    Our custom HM program helps:

    • Streamline the patient experience
    • Improve quality core measures
    • Reduce length of stay variances
    • Build alliances with community physicians

    Read about our customized hospital medicine program >

  • Critical Care

    A dedicated intensivist program enables a better level of service for patients, their families, and the hospital staff. Board-certified intensivists and specially trained nurse practitioners and physician assistants are on-site coordinating patient care with a multidisciplinary team of nurses, specialists, and other medical professionals. 

    Our customized intensivist program helps:

    • Decrease length of stay
    • Reduce overall cost of care
    • Improve quality of care and outcomes

    Read about our intensivist program >

  • Urgent Care

    We understand urgent care centers (UCC) occupy a unique niche within the continuum of care. Whether your UCC is freestanding or housed in a hospital, our services are designed to reflect your facility’s unique mission, patients, and role in the community.

    Our Urgent Care programs are focused on:

    • Maximizing operational efficiency, stability, and profitability
    • Delivering exceptional care to communities
    • Fostering a culture of teamwork between UCC providers and medical staff

    Read about our urgent care center services >

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