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When your hospital faces increasing LWOTs, sinking satisfaction rates, or other alarming performance metrics, it can be difficult to root out the cause and implement action in a quick and efficient manner to improve hospital operations.

With a comprehensive operational assessment from our Clinical Operations Specialist team, we can help you deploy LEAN methodologies that solve problems at their source. Leveraging our massive data repository of more than 40 million patient encounters, our clinical insights from hospitals of all sizes are unmatched in the industry.

Customized strategies

Through data analysis, staffing analysis, direct workflow observations, and interviews across the hospital facility, we gain insights and detailed understanding into your hospital’s effectiveness. 

Comprehensive hospital operation management assessments allow us to:

  • Improve patient and provider satisfaction
  • Decrease LWOTs and Door-to-Provider times
  • Rethink care protocols for complex patients in the ED

Once solutions are put in place, we work collaboratively with your team to make hospital performance improvement changes that solve ongoing issues in monthly cross-department flow meetings.

Emergency Department Throughput

Transformed coverage, triage, and collaboration yields key metric improvements

Read how a Georgia ED made meaningful operational changes to lower door-to-provider time, door-to discharge time, and LWOTs.

Monetizing hospital performance management changes

Financial impact of hospital operational changes

Process improvement programs

SOrT: See-Order-Treat moves the provider encounter to an earlier point in the patient care experience. Our SOrT program has been successful at reducing wait times and improving patient and clinician/physician satisfaction.

Hourly and daily demand pattern analytics: Enhance triage performance with hourly ESI calculations for optimal staffing. 

ER launch inspires clinical and operational information

New ER Launch Inspires Clinical and Operational Transformation

To build a foundation for significant success in this new ED, both non-medical and medical leadership from SCP and this partner facility met daily for four months to execute a lean transformation. This hospital performance improvement process built trust and deployed sustainable changes to emergency department staffing, hospital operations, physician practice management, and more.