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Telemedicine is the next frontier in leveraging old and new technology to extend quality care to patients in a variety of locations. While the surge of telehealth seems new, the idea of using technology to solve healthcare needs has been around since the invention of the telephone. With today’s sophisticated capabilities, we are delivering next-generation healthcare to patients regardless of their location.

Our inpatient telehealth program facilitates virtually the same physical exam as performed at the bedside. With high-resolution video and audio, a digital ophthalmoscope, and full access to hospital patient records, physicians are able to provide innovative, quality care. In addition, some of our programs offer the flexibility for physicians to provide primary/minor acute and post-acute care treatment to patients virtually outside of the hospital. Ultimately, physicians gain more face-to-face time with patients even as they are socially distant.

Why work with us?

As a virtual physician, you keep your fingers on the pulse of many patients in many places in a way you simply can’t in a physical practice.

  • Extend high-quality care to patients in underserved communities.
  • Check patient’s progress in real time almost wherever they are.
  • Provide care inside – and outside – of the hospital.
  • Collaborate with on-site hospitalists and nursing staff.
  • Gain experience using telemedicine technology.
  • Deliver a new model of healthcare.

“Most progress is the result of inventing new tools – or adapting old ones – to meet the evolving needs of patients in new environments. Telehealth does both and is safe and effective, no matter if a patient needs primary, emergency, or inpatient care.”

Stephen Nichols M.D., Chief Clinical Technology Officer
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