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Ready to deliver next generation healthcare? A new model of healthcare delivery, telemedicine is the next frontier in leveraging technology to extend quality care to patients.

Our Telehealth program facilitates virtually the same physical exam as performed at the bedside. With high-resolution video and audio, a digital ophthalmoscope, and full access to hospital patient records, physicians will be able to provide primary/minor acute and post-acute care treatment to patients virtually inside or outside of the hospital. Ultimately, physicians will gain more face-to-face time with patients by removing distance from the interaction.

Why work with us?

As a virtual physician using our advanced telemedicine technology, you keep your finger on the pulse of every patient in a way you can’t in a physical practice.

  • Extend high-quality care to patients in underserved communities.
  • Check patient’s progress in real time.
  • Provide care outside and inside of the hospital.
  • Collaborate with on-site hospitalists and nursing staff.
  • Gain experience using telemedicine technology.
  • Deliver a new model of healthcare.

“The interaction between on-site providers and the telehospitalist is a perfect blend of what a hybrid program should be. It's smooth and easy just like any other classic Hospitalist program. The feedback from patients is a mixture of excitement and surprise initially, and as the interaction progresses, that of comfort and appreciation.”

Mohit Srivastava M.D., Telehospitalist
We're looking for physicians to join our team.
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