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SCP Health’s Patient Engagement Solutions support hospitals across the entire continuum of care by growing a larger and more loyal patient base.

By helping patients find and plan their care more effectively, SCP’s Patient Engagement Solutions improve access, enhance outcomes, empower patients and families to make informed healthcare decisions, and optimize patient experience across the continuum.

Our three Patient Engagement Solutions—Patient Access, Patient Clinical Support, and Employer Engagement—support hospitals and health systems in coordinating patient care, lowering the cost of care, utilizing resources more effectively, growing brand recognition, and retaining patients.




We offer a 24/7, centralized point of access for patients to engage with the health care system by offering:

  • Provider Locator Line:
    • Helps patients find a provider or clinic
  • Facilitated Scheduling Services:
    • Assists patients with scheduling their medical appointments
  • Patient Engagement Campaigns:
    • Facilitates inbound/outbound call campaigns focused on engaging patients with customized health reminders


Contributes to increased volume and revenuereduced costs, quality patient interactions, robust reporting and analytics about patient behavior and needs, enhanced brand awareness, and high patient retention.

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Our Clinical and Non-Clinical Care Coordinators are available to support patients along their health care journey, including:

  • Health Information & Nurse Triage Line:
    • Answers general health questions
    • Provides clinical triage to guide patients to the right site of care
  • Post-Discharge Care Coordination:
    • Helps patients move smoothly along the care journey after hospital stay or ED visit
  • Customized Clinical Support Programs:
    • Provides call services tailored to a hospital’s or system’s current situation and needs


Helps hospital increase patient satisfaction and loyalty, decrease acute episodes of care for chronic conditions, drive revenue, improve appropriate utilization, and advance quality of care.

Engaged Patients = Better Outcomes





Together, our dedicated “boots-on-the-ground” Corporate Health Consultant, Regional Director, and virtual Care Coordinators engage with local employers and their employees on behalf of the hospitals and systems we serve. Specifically, we are:

  • Marketing, Consulting, & Contract Management Support:
    • Dedicated relationship building and promotion support
    • Augments hospital brand in the community
    • Frees up limited hospital staff to focus on other initiatives
  • Back-Office Navigation & Administrative Support:
    • Works across hospitals, patients, and employers
    • Provides support for worker’s compensation, occupational health, and general health & wellness programs.


Serves to promote hospital brand and services, increase volumes and revenue, ease admin burdens on hospital staff and patients, create goodwill and rapport in the community, and optimize hospital resources

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