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We work hard to seek out the best in the field.

We put all of our resources into building and managing a top-notch team for you while keeping them challenged, engaged, and happy. That way you get dependable, consistent care from a team of fully-engaged clinicians.

Through our robust residency, recruiting, placement, and hospital staffing services and management, we build and retain an aligned group of providers that become part of the fabric of your hospital. Our providers work across your care continuum, including Emergency Medicine, Hospital Medicine, Critical Care, Urgent Care, LTAC, SNF, and more.

We solve your hospital staffing issues.

SCP focuses on putting the right people in the right places. Our approach to achieving clinical effectiveness is to provide you with custom hospital staffing models, incorporating a mix of:

  • Medical Directors
  • Physicians
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Physician Assistants
  • Telemedicine Clinicians

Our hospital staffing recruitment approach

Our providers aren’t just a number—they make up our company’s core. Every investment we make, every innovation, is tied to the welfare of our care teams.

  • Dedicated Provider Resources Team
  • National Lead Generation Center
  • 70+ full-time recruiters dedicated by specialty (EM/HM/ICU)
  • Regional emergency department and hospitalist staffing recruitment teams
  • Highly experienced recruitment leadership team
  • Dedicated Residency Resource Team

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Provider training and support

We support our providers in performing at their best by teaching them success measures they can carry with them throughout their careers. We also partner with hospitals that wish to continue to employ their providers, but need outsourcing support to successfully manage their clinicians, execute comprehensive and consistent training, and deliver robust development opportunities.

  • Billing and coding advisors
  • Patient care support teams
  • Hospital business training
  • Competitive compensation models
  • Robust Provider University
  • National leadership conferences
  • Patient satisfaction training programs
  • Balanced hospital staffing ratios

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Benefits of a fully-staffed hospital

  • Reduced locums expenses
  • Improved throughput and efficient workflows
  • Lower length of stay
  • Quality of care consistency
  • Higher nursing/staff satisfaction
  • Low provider turnover 
  • Decreased nursing staffing issues

Healthcare staffing services, by the numbers

61,700 – 94,700 physicians: estimated physician shortage by 20251

$164,000: average hospital cost when replacing one physician2

1. IHS, Inc. The complexities of physician supply and demand: projections from 2014 to 2025. American Association of Medical Colleges. 2016 Update.
2. Studer Q. Selecting and retaining talent: tools for the bottom line. Healthcare Financial Manage. 2006;60(7):88,90.

Improving Employed Provider Performance

Improving Employed Provider Performance: From Principle…to Practice

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Discover how Centura Health partnered with SCP Health to optimize its Hospital Medicine provider group across 17 facilities.

Free patient satisfaction improvement guide

Get nine strategies to drive satisfaction and improve patient perceptions of care in the Emergency Department plus two examples of successful satisfaction improvement campaigns.

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