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We help deliver and maintain a healthy, happy, and engaged hospital community.

Running emergency departments, managing hospital programs, finding quality staff—your job isn’t just to deliver great patient care. Ultimately you must keep your providers, support staff, patients, and the community at large satisfied with your services.

But monitoring feedback and understanding how to institute positive change can be challenging in the fast-paced world of healthcare. At SCP, we know improving patient satisfaction, provider engagement, and community trust can only grow from a foundation of top-quality care—and we’re prepared to help you achieve that goal.

Tools and strategies to improve provider and patient satisfaction

SCP offers tools to help you remain competitive in your market by creating the ideal ecosystem for optimal service experiences: 

  • Provider Portal, a robust resource for tracking performance, accessing treatment protocols, continuing education, and more
  • Patient Satisfaction survey to understand patient experience and care quality levels at all times
  • Provider Concierge Program to support providers from onboarding through daily workflow and beyond
  • Client reports and dashboards for greater visibility into emergency department and inpatient services
  • Management solutions to implement advanced techniques for decreasing care variation and improving care continuity for each patient
Patient Satisfaction

Patient experience is a vital metric to measure payment systems for quality. SCP recommends 5 ways hospital executives can drive patient satisfaction excellence in the ED. 

The cost of negative patient experience

Why is patient satisfaction important? Approximately 7% of patients reportedly switch providers due to a negative patient experience. This translates to approximately $100 million in annual revenue loss per hospital.1 Do you know your patient retention rates?

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“My daughter and I had a very positive experience at the emergency room. Every person we came in contact with treated us with respect and professionalism. From the moment we walked in the door, each person involved in the care of my daughter went above and beyond what I would expect at a visit to an emergency room. Even the gentleman who escorted my daughter to the imaging area was so kind and thoughtful.”

Leslie Lewis, patient guardian at SCP client hospital

Free guide to improving patient satisfaction

Get nine strategies to drive patient satisfaction and improve patient perceptions of care in the Emergency Department, plus two examples of successful patient satisfaction improvement campaigns.

Patient Satisfaction
  1. Accenture. Losing patience: why healthcare providers need to up their mobile game. Published 2015. Accessed July 12, 2016.