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Major market challenges may be driving you to rethink your business and care delivery models. With the shift from fee-for-service to value-based care, admission penalties requiring more proactive and preventive care capabilities, and increasing healthcare costs, many hospitals are turning to telemedicine services as a game-changing solution.

SCP Health’s telehealth solutions maximize quality, value, and efficiency by applying convenient, easily navigated telemedicine technology to care delivery. 

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine, a subset of telehealth, is the next frontier in leveraging technology to extend quality care to patients both inside and outside the hospital. This innovative care delivery model allows hospitals and health systems to provide more cost-effective specialized care to consumers within your network while maintaining care quality, documentation compliance and patient satisfaction.

Telemedicine benefits and impact

Telemedicine is no longer solely for smaller hospitals looking to provide quality diagnostic and treatment services in a more cost-efficient manner. In today’s consumer-driven marketplace, telehealth and telemedicine services are quickly increasing in popularity thanks to the ability for patients to have immediate answers instead of spending time in a waiting room.

Virtual care models can impact your health system with: 

  • Broadened care coverage
  • Operational cost reduction
  • Remedy for night and weekend coverage challenges
  • Continual physician support for PAs and NPs
  • Optimal alignment between capacity and productivity
  • Improved physician satisfaction through better support/staffing
  • Flexible and customizable program options
  • Surge support from remote physicians
  • Quicker hospitalist response rates for ED admissions
  • Reduction in client subsidy payments
  • Reduced physician recruiting demands
  • Dedicated hospitalist with “non-hospital distractions”

Adoption of telemedicine technology solutions can also help: 

  • Drive brand loyalty
  • Create convenient patient access points 
  • Attract and retain patients in your network 
  • Expand market outside of your local geography

The role of remote clinical services inside the hospital

SCP Health works with hospitals to establish a customized innovative virtual care delivery model that benefits your facility, patients, medical staff, and the community. With our industry’s continued physician shortage and increased costs, telehealth and telemedicine can play an important role in your health system’s care-delivery model. 

From initial evaluation to multi-service implementation, we help our clients establish or accelerate telemedicine services for optimal business success.


Would your hospital or health system benefit from a telemedicine delivery model?

Discover how telemedicine technology solutions can make it possible for your facility to supply quality services in a more cost-efficient, timely manner while still providing personalized patient care.

“The interaction between on-site providers and the telehospitalist is a perfect blend of what a hybrid program should be. It's smooth and easy just like any other classic hospital medicine program. The feedback from patients is a mixture of excitement and surprise initially, and as the interaction progresses, that of comfort and appreciation.”

Mohit Srivastava M.D., Telehospitalist
Wondering how you could implement telemedicine solutions in your hospital? Contact us to discuss your growth, cost, and quality goals with our team of experts.