The COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented in our time—that much we know for sure. As our nation and world seek to navigate this rapidly changing situation, SCP Health offers our support to you. As a small piece of that support, read below for 10 resources that can help guide you through this crisis.

(1) SCP Health Coronavirus Management

Visit this page for a snapshot of how we are working with patients, clinicians, and hospitals to weather the storm of COVID-19.

(2) 7 Tips to Prepare Your Hospital During A Disaster

Though written specifically for hurricane situations, many of these tips are valuable in any crisis situation—including how to guard against fatigue and emotional distress, demonstrate strong medical leadership, and more.

(3) "Doctor Speak" Cheat Sheet

Especially in the midst of a crisis, it can be difficult to take a moment and put the medical jargon in more understandable terms—but from a patient perspective, that is precisely when its most important to do so. Use this cheat sheet to speak more clearly to your patients and their loved ones.

(4) How to Protect Yourself Emotionally When Disaster Strikes

Though this pandemic is not a result of an act of violence, it is still a tragedy that takes a huge toll on the emotional health of providers. These five tips can help clinical staff take proper steps for self-care during these stressful times.

(5) ‘Must Take’ Steps to Thrive Amidst Chaos

These eight steps can help you to continue to provide quality care and patient experience even in this ever-changing and ever-challenging time in healthcare.

(6) Working in a Rural ICU

Despite the lower concentration of people in rural areas, more than 20% of older Americans live there ( As COVID-19 spreads across the nation, already-stressed rural hospitals must prepare for a potential influx into their ICUs of older Americans experiencing serious effects from the virus. Learn how to “make the worst better” in rural medicine during times of crisis.

(7) Leveraging NPs and PAs to Maximize HM Success and (8) Optimizing NPs and PAs in Your ED Program

There is no better time than now to embrace NPs and PAs as an essential part of the care team and enable them to practice at the top of their license. Find out how in these posts.

(9) 10 Tips for Preventing Feelings of Burnout

As COVID-19 stresses the entire healthcare system and the mentality turns to “all hands on deck,” clinicians can keep these tips in mind to help control the symptoms and drivers of burnout.

(10) How Is Telemedicine Contributing to Healthcare in America?

Though the telemedicine movement is nothing new, its importance and vast potential are extremely evident amid this pandemic. Especially given the relaxation of certain federal regulations regarding eHealth execution and cost, there is no better time than the present to rely on telemedicine services (telehospistalists, virtual visits, patient helplines, etc) for patient consultation, questions, care, and monitoring.

While many of these resources are generalized to the greater hospital and health system population, SCP Health has experts and resources for all types of facilities. If you are in need of support during the COVID-19 crisis, please reach out to us at or 800-893-9698.