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As the nation and the world work to understand the Coronavirus (COVID-19), SCP Health, through its thousands of clinicians and support teams are proactively monitoring and adapting to the latest in federal and local health guidelines to ensure the best clinical implementation practices are followed during this crisis.

There is no higher priority at SCP Health than the safety and well-being of our patients whom we care for through our nationwide network of client hospital partners and as this situation continues to evolve, we are working diligently day and night to maintain our commitment to providing the best in leadership and support.




At our core, we are a clinical company whose medical leaders’ combined experience in dealing with emergent, unknown diseases such as Ebola, H1N1, and SARS, help to assist our practice today around COVID-19.


We are following all guidelines set forth in reputable clinical sources including the Centers for Disease Control and local state health departments, in addition to any additional hospital protocols in place.


Our nationwide network of some 8,000 medical providers receive the best in clinical education and training. As part of the fabric of healthcare in hundreds of communities – from small rural towns to large urban metropolitans – we are highly skilled and capable at handling viral infections.




As your clinical partner, we are here to help navigate the multitude of resources and recommendations you are receiving from state and federal agencies and make a workable plan for your individual hospital, patients, and community. At SCP Health we are constantly monitoring the following organizations as COVID-19 details and findings become available:



SCP’s COVID-19 Command Center is meeting daily to review all SCP Health protocols and procedures to ensure we are consistent and current with all facility and clinical practice management recommendations. Our extensive field network of clinical and corporate executives is dedicated to ensuring clients receive the best possible guidance and advice from our facility-based teams in the pursuit of excellence in patient care.


SCP Health providers undergo extensive training and education year-round through SCP University where they receive CME courses designed to prepare them for situations just as we face today with the COVID-19 outbreak. Please reach out to our SCP team if you need assistance in managing experience or knowledge gaps within your hospital staff. We are here to help and support your teams.




Our COVID-19 Command Center is meeting daily and then issuing decisions and recommendations for best clinical practices to the field in real-time as required in this highly evolving situation.


Our providers are receiving the most up-to-date resources and recommendations available via our extensive communication network and senior clinical leaders.


Patient and provider safety are top of mind in all our clinical practice recommendations and protocols. We are committed to following all federal and state guidelines to ensure our providers are equipped with the proper resources and tools necessary to treat patients safely.



SCP Health is working with 400+ healthcare facilities throughout 30+ states to address COVID-19, and currently has opportunities available for clinicians of all levels to assist hospitals in the treatment of patients during this critical time.   

Explore opportunities in relation to COVID-19 efforts: 
• Treat low acuity patients at our new mobile testing sites in Florida



This pandemic has placed communities in a unique juxtaposition: while many people are physically distancing themselves and life has slowed down, most healthcare workers are facing chaos and physically coming together to fight this virus head-on. Interestingly, both situations can leave people feeling isolated and challenged. No matter which group you fit into, we hope this collection of digital resources will serve to keep us all united and informed. We'll be updating this list frequently, so please keep checking back. 
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