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SCP Health is where healing meets performance. Our solutions balance the unique needs of health care organizations to propel clinical and operational progress.

Clinical Staffing & Workforce Optimization

We create solutions that go beyond recruiting and staffing clinicians, balancing the needs of your organization and providing support every step of the way. We onboard, credential, and enroll new clinicians as well as invest in their growth with training, leadership development, and education opportunities. With our administrative support and proprietary technology application, mySCP, clinical teams can focus on delivering exceptional patient care. 

Robust Recruiting and Retention 

  • Screening, Interview, Credential, and Enrollment Programs
  • Dedicated Provider Resources Team 
  • Data and Performance-Based Training 
  • 70+ Full-time Recruiters Dedicated by Specialty 

Clinician Development and Engagement 

  • Annual Medical Leadership Conference
  • Group Medical Officer and Medical Director Support
  • Leadership Development
  • Continuing Medical Education Opportunities  
Care Delivery

SCP Health provides innovative care delivery models, so you can revitalize your organization and improve quality across the continuum of care. In addition to expanding care delivery support with advanced technology tools, we partner with your health system to assess operational efficiencies and implement proven technology and management strategies to maximize your resources.

  • Scheduling 
  • Standardization of Care
  • In-Person Care Delivery
  • Virtual Care Delivery
  • Discharge Processes
Documentation & Revenue Cycle

Our financial solutions help you realize your hospital’s potential while reducing administrative burden. We craft strategies for maximizing resources, streamlining processes, advancing operational efficiency, and lowering total physician management costs. Our team of documentation and revenue cycle management experts provides a wealth of support through customized plans for your unique financial needs.

Cost Management

  • Minimize Waste
  • Achieve Pricing Gains
  • Distribute Subsidy Costs
  • Reduce Recruiting Costs

Revenue Growth 

  • Increased Capacity 
  • Enhanced Patient Loyalty
  • Documentation Support
  • Revenue Cycle Consulting
Virtual Health

Health care extends beyond the four walls of the hospital. Our virtual health solutions apply advanced technology that broadens your reach and increases the impact of your care. Clinical support at every stage of the health care journey serves to increase patient satisfaction, maximize clinician engagement, and build community trust. 

  • Clinical Outreach
  • Care Coordination
  • Virtual Care Delivery
  • Employer and Patient Engagement
Service Lines

 SCP Health has experienced clinical and operational experts for every point of service. Our specialty teams are physician-led and understand the unique needs of patients, clinicians, and health systems. We find the right balance to maximize resources and advance operational efficiency while delivering exceptional care. 

Partner Experience

SCP is constantly looking at staffing to make sure it’s appropriate for throughput, our experience, and our financial viability. And now, we have a consistent team of clinicians. They even come on site to follow the clinicians to give coaching points to improve their communication. We’ve never had someone take that type of involvement, it’s like they’re part of our organization.

Mary Ellen Sumrall, Chief Nursing Officer

For a Medical Director, every day is a balancing act. I love working for SCP Health because they have a team behind me that supports me. I can pick up the phone or email, and I have answers to my questions right away.

Danielle Richards, MD

As a clinician, COVID-19 was the single most difficult clinical and emotional time that I’ve ever been in. SCP Health was working behind the scenes to equip and support us with the necessary tools during this difficult time. From boxes with PPE to free mental health resources for stress management, SCP always backed us up!

Joseph Rose, MD

Our partnership with SCP Health has been a tremendous asset to our Hospital. With the resources that SCP provides, we have the ability to recruit nationwide. We also have top-notch billing, coding, and scheduling, something we could not do at a local level. It truly has been the best of both worlds, from a local and national perspective.

Emergency Medicine Medical Director

Working with SCP Health

SCP Health is a leader in the health care industry, always moving forward with innovative ideas to revitalize health care at every level. Our clinical and operational teams work together to sustainably extend the reach and increase the impact of health care across the nation.

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Technology and Innovation

SCP Health invests in innovation, consistently creating new and leveraging existing technology to advance care delivery and enhance both clinician and patient experience. We provide our clinicians with proprietary, cloud based, secure technology, applications, and tools to further maximize resources, optimize scheduling, enable transparent communications, streamline workflow, reduce administrative tasks and advance operational efficiency.  

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