The benefits of NP/PA roles specifically within hospital medicine (HM) are clear):

Lower Costs

HM programs staffed by NPs/PAs working alongside physicians can save a facility as much as 40% in provider costs.

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Shared Workload

By taking on lower acuity patients, NPs/PAs share the workload enabling doctors to focus on higher acuity, more medically-complex patients.

Stability and Growth

Increased Throughput

The presence of NPs/PAs helps increase throughput due to the presence of more providers than a program staffed by physicians alone.

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Ease of Recruiting

The shortage of qualified hospitalists makes the use of NPs/PAs a medical necessity, especially for rural hospitals.

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Improved Patient Satisfaction

Having more providers available on the floor means more time dedicated to patients, which can significantly improve a patient’s perception of care.

Better Equipped to Address Social Issues

Lower acuity patients may also have social needs such as transition back to home or family dynamics that need to be addressed. NPs/PAs can provide concentrated time assisting the patient and family.

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