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Shawn Borich, MD, MPH
Senior Vice President, Group Medical Officer

Shawn M. Borich, MD, MPH, FACEP, has a vast breadth of experience ranging from the management of rural, single- coverage EDs to systems with 600K annual patient encounters. This includes both adult and pediatric EDs and hospitalist programs, as well as urgent care and occupational medicine clinics. He specializes in Emergency Department front-end process improvement, reducing door-to-provider times, and decreasing ED length of stay (LOS) and left-without-being-seen numbers. Having led a multitude of ED/hospitalist collaborations, he is adept at decreasing decision-to-admit, admit-to-depart times, and total hospital LOS of admitted patients. Dr. Borich’s expertise extends to all aspects of urgent care – location, flow, coding and billing, and staffing.

An active author and researcher, Dr. Borich frequently lectures residents on coding, billing, and the various aspects of managing an ED from a business and financial perspective. He received his Doctor of Medicine degree from Michigan State University and his Master of Public Health degree from the University of Michigan. He is board-certified in Emergency Medicine.