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Every day, we help providers like you deliver the best patient care.

SCP Health was founded by physicians, for physicians. We’ve been at the bedside, worked the ER, experienced triumph, and learned lessons along the way.

With physician leaders at our core, our company keeps you and your patients top of mind throughout everything we do.

Not only do we focus on delivering great quality care, we build business practices centered on doing the right thing, taking care of our provider partners, and working day in and day out to better our field. 

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360 degrees of healthcare

We attack healthcare challenges from two angles. For providers, we facilitate fulfilling, rewarding careers. For hospitals, we institute clinical management solutions. In both cases, our goals are the same—to deliver healthcare that changes lives for the better.

As a clinical service partner, we help hospitals run more smoothly so you can deliver better care. From integrated EM/HM departments to post-surgical patient follow-up programs, our holistic approach helps us achieve more. 

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Physician-led for more than 20 years

More than 20 years ago, our founder, Kip Schumacher, built this company with a mission to do things better and make a positive difference in Emergency Medicine. Today, we’ve grown to become one of the largest healthcare resources in the country for hospitals and healthcare providers, incorporating more partners along the way to grow our expertise and delivering more opportunities for providers like you. Still working toward a better way, we’re advancing healthcare delivery day in and day out. 

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“Once you join the team you’ll find there are some subtle differences that make you feel so much more at home here.”