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Tips, guides, tools and featured articles highlighting the latest healthcare industry news and trends.


11 Ways to Protect Your Hospital from Cyber-Attack
Utilize this checklist when evaluating your hospital’s cyber-security efforts

Fight the Opioid Epidemic
Steps for hospital administrators and physicians to combat the crisis

Find Better Emergency Medicine Candidates, Faster
Fill open physician positions with the right candidates

Happy Docs, Better Retention
Keys to keeping your physicians committed to your ED

Impacting Physician Satisfaction
Questions hospital leaders should ask to ensure you're building a practice environment satisfying to clinicians 

Is Your Medical Director a Leader?
Help build your hospital's reputation and sustain a practice environment where doctors won't want to leave

Recruiting the Right (& Retainable) Doc
Utilize a match-minded checklist as a basis for your recruiting process to find suitable candidates


5 Collaborative Solutions to Prevent ED Physician and Hospitalist Conflict
Steps to enable emergency and hospital medicine physicians to work collaboratively to resolve conflict and improve patient care

5 Ways Hospital Executives Can Improve ED Patient Experience
Steps to improve your hospital’s ED experience and drive excellence in patient satisfaction

5 Ways Hospital Administration Can Promote Work-Life Balance in the ED
Establish a healthier practice environment for your physicians

6 Hospital Management Strategies to Thrive in Today's Healthcare Environment
Ensure your hospital thrives in a healthcare environment where revenues keep shrinking and expenses continue to rise with these hospital management strategies

6 Benefits Telemedicine Provides Smaller Hospital Medicine Programs
Telemedicine makes it possible for smaller facilities to supply quality diagnostic and treatment services in a more cost-efficient, timely manner while still providing personalized patient care

6 Benefits of RVUs as Measurement Standard
Utilizing RVU plans inspire productivity and create the opportunity for physicians to earn more while sharing part of the financial risks

6 Benefits of Integrating NPs and PAs in HM Programs
Discover why leveraging team-based care/coverage models can benefit your hospital medicine program

20 Key Questions to Align Your Emergency Medicine and Hospital Medicine Teams
Improve efficiency, cost containment, and patient experience between the Emergency Department and inpatient treatment

Aligning EM-HM Teams with Joint Operations Committee (JOC) 
Establish a regular, multi-disciplinary meeting cadence and genuine shared accountability at your hospital to align your emergency and hospital medicine teams

Behavioral Healthcare in the ED: 4 Strategies to Prevent Strain
Impactful strategies to improve mental patient care quality and lessen pressure on EDs

Common CV Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
Make the best impression possible by avoiding these common mistakes

"Doctor Speak" Cheat Sheet - Simplifying Medical Terminology
Need help trading complex medical terms for simple ones? Here's a list of common replacements to get you started

EM/HM Integration
Break through departmental silos and achieve emergency medicine-hospital medicine program harmony

Establishing an EM/HM JOC
An actionable plan with meeting agenda items, a joint standards checklist, and examples from the field

'Must Take' Steps to Thrive Amidst Chaos
Actionable steps for clinical leaders, hospital executives, and clinicians to thrive in the ever-changing healthcare climate


Rethinking Standardization to Deliver High-Value Patient Care
High-Value Patient Care results from unifying key stakeholders, supporting them well, and surrounding them with effective clinical partners