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Schumacher Website 2.0 Officially Launches

Schumacher Clinical Partners debuted a new and improved website this week, highlighting a dynamic user experience for the company’s two primary customers: healthcare providers and executives.

Over 18 months in the making, the new site is a collaborative effort by SCP’s IT and Marketing departments, with agency HCB Health of Austin, TX at the forefront of research and strategy.

The enhanced experience begins immediately upon entry to the site, where users choose a path customized to their preferred journey. Enhancements from the former site include personalized content for users, dynamic job postings now available for clinical candidates based on their interests and locations, and an easy-to-use job cart feature for prospects to save and return to preferred openings. The next phase of the site, expected later this year, will feature a live chat option for prospective clinicians to speak directly with recruiters.

“The website is our retail face to the world and the reliable link – literally – to every facility opening, recruiting campaign, advertisement, tradeshow, corporate job opening, and detail about our company,” explained SCP Vice President of Marketing and Communications Maura Nelson. “, just like the Emergency Department, never closes.”

Click around to see the new features and functionality throughout the site. 

Website Announcement Poster