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Schumacher Clinical Partners and ECI Healthcare Partners Finalize Merger

Emergency and hospital medicine management companies Schumacher Clinical Partners (SCP) and ECI Healthcare Partners, Inc. (ECI) have announced their companies’ merger has closed, resulting in an active presence across the country with a combined 450 programs, across 32 states, caring for over 8 million patients a year.

“Though we were competitors for many years, we are now eager for this unification,” said Rich D’Amaro, chief executive officer, SCP. “This combination results in an expansion of our resources, a further growth of our service offerings, and the utilization of industry leading best practices,” he added.

“We’re bringing two exceptionally strong organizations together,” said Dr. Derik K. King, president of ECI Healthcare Partners. “But even more importantly, we’re bringing together a shared mission: to empower our partner providers and healthcare facilities to deliver exceptional care to their communities.”


Schumacher Clinical Partners is a privately held, physician-driven company dedicated to helping hospitals and providers focus on delivering high-quality patient care. As one of the nation’s largest and fastest growing health care organizations, SCP partners with more than 7,200 providers to help care for 8 million patients annually with innovative, patient-centered solutions covering the entire continuum of care, including emergency medicine, hospital medicine, wellness programs, and consulting services.

ECI Healthcare Partners was founded in 1972 by Dr. James M. Johnson and Dr. Robert M. Williams, two of the original emergency physicians in the country. Over the years, ECI has efficiently managed the care of over 27 million patients and developed into a nationwide network of professional services that reach well beyond emergency departments. Today the company offers a wide variety of healthcare solutions, including value-based medicine, physician practice and revenue cycle management, and quality, education, and risk management services to emergency physicians, hospitalist physicians, urgent cares, outpatient physician practices, and telemedicine programs in all 50 states.