We all hope that things will get back to normal, but depending on how COVID-19 develops this fall and the restrictions federal and state governments place on schools and businesses, you may find yourself spending a lot more time at home than you had planned.

In the time of waiting and, for many, continued physical distancing, we need to do our best to take care of ourselves and those we love. 

With that as the goal, here are ten ways to help you relax, stay healthy, and keep grounded during these intense and strange times.

1. Detox from Social Media

Many of us use social media as a way to take a break from the day's activities and connect with friends and family. (We may also watch a few cat videos, chuckle at a joke, or cry with a friend who's lost a loved one.) 

While there's nothing wrong with that, these days you may find your newsfeed filled with little more than political rants, racial unrest, more bad news about COVID-19 and the economy, and other stressful...