By: Stephen Nichols, MD, Chief Clinical Technology Officer, SCP Health

Hurricane Disaster Fatigue

The subject was raised by SCP Health’s (SCP’s) Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Schillinger, during a meeting the day before Hurricane Delta was forecasted to strike Louisiana. Several team members on the call were preparing or had already prepared, for the second hurricane to hit the state in six weeks. They had also been “in the cone” for Marco and a few other tropical storms.

Now, Hurricane Delta has come and gone—leaving behind a fair amount of damage. Although power came back before too long for most, the internet remained iffy and intermittent, everyone I've spoken with from SCP is grateful and doing what needs to be done. One person in particular was thankful that an old oak tree that needed to be cut down fell and missed their house. Good luck and positive outcomes can happen during a disaster. And yes, there's an ICD-10 code modifier for hurricanes...