This time of year is chaotic for most everyone. But for physicians and hospital administrators, the stressors of healthcare-related mandates, patient needs, fast-paced EDs, flu season, and more make the group a demographic susceptible to burnout. Nearly half of all physicians report feeling one or more symptoms of the condition, says the Advisory Board.

Burnout does not discriminate, and affects veteran physicians and new residents alike.

The results of two separate studies published in JAMA found that 45 percent of second-year residents surveyed report having at least one symptom of the condition.

"The survey of more than 3,500 second-year resident physicians found that 14% of those surveyed reported they would 'definitely not' or 'probably not' choose to become a physician again, while 7% of respondents indicated they definitely or probably would not choose the same medical specialty if given the chance to remake their choice."

(It's worth noting that the studies listed emergency...