Social media is ingrained in our daily life. Rarely does a day go by when millions of people don't visit social networks like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others (Tik Tok anyone?) 

 While mainstream social networks can be useful as a marketing tool for private practitioners, they may not be ideally suited to a physician's work and life. However, there are several social networks designed explicitly with doctors in mind. 

 Dedicated to Doctors

Doctor life is busy, particularly right now, as the health care industry is facing physician shortages. There isn't always time to sift through people to find connections, but it's easier to stay connected with colleagues and classmates with smaller, more focused networks.

 Social media sites like those in the list below help you keep up with the latest medical news, serve as trusted resources for new research and peer-reviewed articles, and further your education with access to webinars and CME hours....