Despite the move to an entirely virtual environment, ACEP20 (October 26-29) will still be a meaningful and uplifting time for emergency physicians and leaders around the country—and we hope to see you there! Our SCP Health team is looking forward to the opportunity to chat with you and share how we’re working behind the scenes to ensure clinicians like you can spend more time caring for patients.

In preparation, we’ve been reading up on the best ways to get the most out of virtual events and thought we’d share five of our favorite tips with you to maximize your ACEP20 experience:

1. Invite your colleagues

One perk of the virtual world is increased accessibility to huge events like this. Once you take a look at the agenda and opportunities, let your emergency medicine friends know what you’re excited about, and invite them to participate and reflect with you.

2. Block your calendar

Just as you would for an in-person event, disconnect from work as much as possible and get ready to fully engage in the meetings, fairs, booths, and social activities available at ACEP20. Want to get really wild? Exit out of your email, web browsers, and other distractions so you can truly listen and participate.

3. Avoid screen fatigue

Make sure you’re giving your eyes and brain a break to avoid information overload and screen exhaustion. Build in time to get fresh air, grab a coffee, stretch, have a snack, or whatever else will help you step away for a moment here and there.

4. Take time to reflect

The amount of information and resources available at this type of event can all blend together and be pushed down the priority list once the conference ends. Take time to digest, organize, and implement the most important takeaways. Want to get an A+? Share what you’ve learned with your colleagues and leaders who weren’t able to attend ACEP20.

5. Don’t skip networking

After this year, we need each other’s support and connection more than ever. At ACEP20, being physically distanced does not mean you’re alone. Use the 24-hour coffee lounge, private chat rooms, roundtables, and other mediums to chat with and learn from your peers in emergency medicine. Don’t let the connections stop there! Send a LinkedIn request; ask for an email address; share a digital business card; or schedule a meeting to keep the conversation going even after the event ends.

Are you an overachiever who wants to know more about working for SCP Health before ACEP20 kicks off? We’ve got you covered. Explore SCP Health and browse our open positions here.