Leadership isn’t just about making the right decisions.

It’s convincing those around you that they are the right decisions.

It’s getting people to move as a group in a particular direction. 

It’s declaring priorities and creating a pathway to get there.

It’s remediating problems, removing obstacles, and acknowledging excellence. 

At SCP Health, we are lucky enough to see hundreds of top performers every year, but some always stand out as exhibiting absolutely outstanding leadership. These leaders are clear, authentic, and passionate, showing those around them they care through both their words and actions. They make a difference. 

2021 Emerging Medical Leaders

Meet our top emerging medical leaders at SCP. 

Dr. Prateek Adhikari 

In addition to his roles as Medical Director at Tulane University and Hospital Director for Tulane Lakeside, Dr. Prateek Adhikari serves on the Medical Executive Committee at Tulane and consistently leads new initiatives and implements process improvements. An excellent communicator, Dr. Adhikari has earned the trust of his team, hospital, and health system and is known as an advocate who cares about the well-being of each clinician and patient. 

Dr. Matthew Meigh 

Coming into the Garnet Health Medical Director role at the end of 2019, Dr. Matthew Meigh has exceeded leadership expectations in almost every aspect and did so during a pandemic. He led his team in shouldering an early and significant COVID positive patient low. He was integral in helping to develop and implement pathways and protocols to deliver exceptional patient care, all with a smile and unwavering positive attitude. 

Dr. Mustafa (Mark) Hamed

An Integrated Care Medical Director and specialist, Dr. Mark Hamed, dedicates himself to the hospital, patient care across all service lines, and the entire community. He serves in many roles both in the hospital and locally, many on a voluntary basis, and has pursued a national rural health care presence for the community. 

Dr. Jacob Whelan

In the middle of a pandemic, Dr. Jacob Whelan stepped into the role of Associate Program Director and helped develop, organize, and start an Internal Medicine Residency at his hospital. He holds dual roles as the Hospitalist Assistant Medical Director, and the Hospitalist program has flourished with unprecedented growth. As a leader, he always keeps his focus on the goal of improved relationships and outcomes and advocates for balance in personal and professional excellence.

Dr. Stuart Feldman

When the Emergency Department was experiencing many challenges, Dr. Stuart Feldman took over and got to work, providing thoughtful and steady leadership for his department. Under his guidance, the ED has improved in quality and throughput metrics and attained total confidence of leadership within the hospital. Dr. Feldman continues to advocate for clinicians and patients and works to build sustainable relationships and trust. 

Dr. Manikandan Nagendran

Over a challenging year, Dr. Manikandan Nagendran led his team to achieve the highest quality performance in HAI reduction. Always embodying agility, DR. Nagendran creates flexible staffing models, engaging his entire care team and collaborating with the medical staff. Through the stress here, he continued to reach out and offer advice and care to patients in India when they were in the deepest depths of the pandemic. 

Dr. Kristoff Naberenzy

A trusted Medical Director, Dr. Kristoff Naberenzy, has the confidence of all members of his hospital executive team, clinicians, and colleagues. He is the go-to leader for complex decision-making and has continually led by example: stepping into night shifts, heading COVID teams, and piloting performance improvement initiatives with nursing and case management. 

Dr. Reynauldo Gordon

With a calm and poised demeanor, Dr. Reynauldo Gordon has met every challenge of the past year head-on, daily inspiring the clinicians and staff on his team. He continuously works to improve clinical integration both in and outside the facility and campaigns for increased community health care awareness and safety. A true leader, Dr. Gordon’s commitment to his team, facility, and community elevates and motivates everyone around him. 

Dr. Paul Giasi

The leader of three separate emergency departments, Dr. Paul Giasi, has taken ownership of responsibilities and works daily to make a difference. While dealing with high rates of administrative turnover, Dr. Giasi continued to be a guiding light for his clinicians. Upon contracting COVID-19 himself, he rebounded with strength, unwavering leadership, grace, and humility, genuinely showing the depth of his commitment to his patients and his clinicians. 

Dr. Beau Bledsoe

A consistent, steady, and reliable leadership model, Dr. Beau Bledsoe is never phased under pressure and consistently rises to whatever challenge he meets. Not only a recognized leader in his health system, Dr. Bledsoe also serves on numerous hospital committees, working to extend the reach of care outside the four walls. During the many changes in his facility over the past year, he has continued to listen to his team with patience and empathy, remaining a continuous source of encouragement. 

Dr. Prospero Cortorreal

Already the Medical Director for one Lewis Gale facility, Dr. Prospero Cortorreal, has added the role of System Medical Director to his title. Over the past twelve months, he has displayed truly pivotal leadership, implementing several initiatives, including expanding hospital medicine service beyond acute medical care into inpatient rehab and behavioral health and working to restructure staffing models. The success of his team and ideas shines through as Dr. Cortorreal’s facility is currently ranked number one in eliminating harm and mitigating organizational risks. 

Carmen Quiles, PA

Carmen Quiles, PA, has made a significant difference in an Emergency Department that has seen rapid growth in both volume and acuity over the past year. She seems to have an endless supply of energy for her role as NP/PA director and continues to lead her team through the constantly changing needs of her facility and community. A role model for nurse practitioners and physician assistants, Carmen is a clear asset to her team, hospital, health system, and the greater community. 

Continued Excellence

These 12 leaders embody the SCP Health core values of agility, courage, respect, and collaboration and continue to grow the value and performance of their capabilities and that of their teams and facilities. We are grateful to have so many clinicians dedicated to our mission to transform and revitalize the health care industry.