Schumacher Clinical Partners interviewed Dr. Philip Wayne Oliver, a recent graduate of the University of Louisville (KY) School of Medicine’s residency program, to learn why he chose emergency medicine as his specialty, why he joined with Schumacher Clinical Partners, and why he signed on to become a member of the Ambassador Travel Team as a regional ambassador.

Here’s what he had to say.

Why Choose Emergency Medicine?

Dr. Oliver said he chose a career in emergency medicine due to the variety it offers.

“When doing rotations in medical school, there were things I liked about each area of specialty,” he said. “But I felt some of the disciplines fell into a routine, doing the same things over and over again. Emergency medicine, on the other hand, offered lots of variety. I never knew what to expect each day that I came to work, and that appealed to me.”

“As a specialty, emergency medicine is on the forefront, the cutting edge, of what's taking place in health care,” he added.

“You're the first to see new literature, new techniques, procedures, and equipment,” he said. “The innovative nature of the discipline is what excites me most.”

Why Join with SCP?

“I first encountered SCP during a dinner hosted by my school’s residency program. It was there I met Dr. Bart Francis, who used to work with my mother- a nurse,” said Dr. Oliver.

When asked why he chose to align himself with Schumacher, he said, “We [he and Dr. Francis] struck up a conversation, realized we shared some of the same connections, and it went from there. Also, I liked the fact that Schumacher offered me the ability to work in eastern Kentucky, which is where I'm from.”

Why Become an Ambassador?

The eastern Kentucky pioneering spirit may have contributed to Dr. Oliver’s desire to join the Ambassador Travel Team. The ability to travel and work in varied rural settings certainly holds its appeal where he is concerned.

“The Ambassador Travel Team allows me to practice in diverse hospital settings,” he said. “I like seeing how different things are done at each location. It gives me a chance to learn, grow, and gain new experiences. Being young, I also like that it allows me to travel.”

Dr. Oliver does admit that moving from a large urban level-one trauma center to rural, critical access hospitals where he may be the only physician presents its challenges.

“You have to be very resourceful and learn to use your skills to their maximum advantage,” he said.

Health Care Industry Challenges

When asked what he sees as challenges industry-wide, Dr. Oliver pointed straight to the Affordable Care Act.

“ACA was instituted to decrease the number of ED visits but, instead, more people are coming in, particularly those with chronic conditions,” he said. “The challenge lies in treating all the patients in a way that's most advantageous to them while, at the same time, stressing that the ED is for emergencies only. “

Advice to Residents

In concluding his remarks, Dr. Oliver offered this advice to residents who may be considering a career in emergency medicine:

“If you're looking for a fast-paced career that is almost always exciting, never a dull moment, you can't do better than emergency medicine. The ambassador program puts you at the heart of EM, where you're often the sole resource. If you're young, not tied down, like to travel, and like adventure, it’s perfect for you. Also, people in the hospital are pleased to have you there, which is very gratifying.“

Learn more about our Residency Resource Team, or see if the Ambassador Travel program might be the right fit for you.