SCP Health is ready to head to Denver for the 2019 ACEP Scientific Assembly, October 27-30. As an exhibitor, we have been busy preparing our booth and getting the word out about the event.

For first-time and returning attendees, ACEP can be impressive, exhilarating, and overwhelming all at once. When attending an event as large as this, it’s important to have a solid game plan before arriving. Here are four tips we recommend when preparing to attend ACEP 2019:

Set a Goal and Strategy  

First, to the best of your ability, figure out and articulate why you are attending ACEP. Knowing your objective for the event will help you make the most of your time while also taking advantage of everything the conference has to offer. Common objectives typically include:  

1. Education  

If you want to learn something new or enhance your skill set there are many courses available where you can gain CME credit.

2. Collaboration and networking

Whether you are looking to meet new colleagues with similar interests or wanting to talk with those who have differing views, there are many opportunities to network and collaborate with your peers who can help you in your career.

3. What’s new in emergency medicine?  

The exhibit floor is a great place to explore what’s new in emergency medicine – in the form of new clinical practices, tools, and technologies. While this is more self-directed, you can learn a lot simply by walking around the convention. Not to mention, you can collect a lot of free swag and cool gadgets when visiting the different booths!  

4. Career advancement  

Are you looking for a job, a Medical Directorship, or an administrative fellowship? Stop by the EMRA Job & Fellowship Fair, and also take the opportunity to visit with the representatives from the companies on the exhibit floor.

5. Research  

Maybe you want to get involved in or conduct your own research. ACEP is a great place to meet partners and collaborators to assist you in your research initiatives.

6. Public policy  

The healthcare environment continues to change as federal policies and regulations evolve. You can learn more about what factors are influencing and impacting healthcare today and how you can get involved through the different ACEP committees.  


Being social is a big part of attending ACEP. If you are looking to make new connections, the many social events provided are a great place to start. You can meet other people working in the industry and collect recommendations to further your career.   

We recommend you look at the exhibitor list to see which companies attending align with your goals and the solutions you are seeking. Then, write down the top five to 10 exhibitors you definitely want to make time for. Tackling your ‘must see’ exhibitors first gives you more time to explore the show floor where you can stumble upon something unexpected. 

While you’re at it, be sure to visit SCP Health in booth #1411 in the exhibit hall and during the EMRA Job & Fellowship Fair, October 26-27.

Things You Don’t Want to Miss  

The healthcare environment as we know it is experiencing unprecedented change. This year’s opening session and featured courses are focused on leading societal and systemic change. More than ever before, your voice and participation in initiatives outside of the four walls of the hospital as an emergency medicine clinician are crucial to influence national conversations on healthcare. We recommend attending the following:

Opening Session 

Perspectives from Female Physicians on Leadership, the Ascent of Women in Medicine, and Women at the Forefront of Change

Brooks F. Bock Lecture  

Acute Care Delivery in the US – Don’t Hate the Player, Change the Game
ACEP Faculty: Brendan G. Carr, MD, FACEP

Nancy Auer Lecture

EM for Delivery: How Elite Entrepreneurs are Innovating Healthcare  
ACEP Faculty: Jennifer L. Wiler, MD, MBA, FACEP

Colin C. Rorrie, Jr., Lecture

That’s Crazy Talk: Using Health Policy to Improve Care for our Mental Health Patients
ACEP Faculty: L. Anthony Cirillo, MD, FACEP

James D. Mills, Jr., Lecture

Gun Violence & EM: #itsourlane  
ACEP Faculty: David W. Callaway, MD, FACEP

You can also learn more about getting involved and making a difference by attending the different Section Meetings. ACEP truly has a niche for everyone. 

Don’t forget to stop by and meet SCP Health in booth #1411 in the exhibit hall. As we continue to grow into new services and regions, we set out to reimagine ourselves in a way that speaks to our mission as the premier clinical effectiveness partner: Together, We Heal. We’d like to share more about what this exciting new step means for the future of our company and how you can be a part of it.

Enjoy Yourself

Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun while attending ACEP and make time for self-care. It is easy to forget to take care of yourself when attending large conferences such as this one. Did you know there is a meditation room on site? Check it out, and take a break to clear your mind.  

While most people attend ACEP with the goal of making new connections, it’s also a great place to visit with colleagues you already know. Make a point to reconnect and learn about the innovative projects people are working on in our industry – you’d be surprised how much can change in a year.   

We hope these tips help you as you prepare for this year’s event. We look forward to meeting with each and every one of you. Don’t forget to stop by our booth to enter the drawing for an AWAY luggage set. 

See you in Denver!