On any given day, a clinical coder might come to work expecting to see some J10.1 (the flu), R51 (headache), K35.80 (acute appendicitis), R07.9 (chest pain, unspecified), S92.312A (displaced fracture of the first metatarsal bone, left foot), or other common codes. But on very rare and strange days, they may just encounter something a bit out of the ordinary.

Read on for a roundup of the 15 oddest ICD-10 codes we’ve found in 2019:

Animal Angst

1. W61.43XA – Pecked by a turkey, initial encounter

After the recent Thanksgiving holiday, the turkeys in your life are probably feeling awfully paranoid and may be prone to defensive pecking.

2. W59.22XA – Struck by a turtle, initial encounter

How exactly does a turtle strike? With its legs? Tail? Just your old-fashioned head-butt?

3. W56.11XA – Bitten by a sea lion, initial encounter

We’d bet this code gets used the most in hospitals surrounding aquariums.

4. W55.41XA – Bitten by a pig, initial encounter

Special note to those who enjoy the orangey hue of spray tans: Don’t try to pet a hungry pig, because it might just think your fingers are carrots.

Relational Rifts

5. Z63.1 – Problems in relationship with in-laws

If you’re around family this holiday season, you might have unknowingly encountered this code before.

6. V06.02XA – Pedestrian on skateboard injured in collision with other non-motor vehicle in non-traffic accident

…and then everyone who was involved in this incident changed their Facebook relationship statuses to “It’s complicated.”

7. Y93.84XA – Injured while sleeping, initial encounter

Beware of spouses who throw elbows. You might need to build a pillow barrier to avoid this code.

8. Z56.4 – Discord with boss, employer, fellow employees, or workmates

An ode to the person who eats others’ food from the shared fridge.

9. Y93.D9 – Activities involved arts and handcrafts

One minute, it’s a nice Sunday afternoon and you are lovingly watching your kids create imaginative wonders at the kitchen island. The next minute, you have a crayon lodged in your ear because you tried to settle a dispute over who gets to use the last piece of sparkly green construction paper.

Wrong Place at the Wrong Time

10. V91.07XA – Burn due to water-skis on fire, initial encounter

Someone out there PLEASE explain how this is even possible.

11. V95.43XA – Spacecraft collision, injuring occupant

Going to the moon has its risks, folks.

12. Y92.253 – Injured at an Opera House

Blown eardrums? Face stuck to the opera glasses? Tripped on a tailcoat?

13. Y92.241 - Injury at library

A classic case of a bookworm.

14. V97.33XD: Sucked into jet engine, subsequent encounter

We know flights are expensive but don’t try to hitch a ride via the engine or you probably won’t make it to your destination.

15. W22.02XD: Walked into lamppost, subsequent encounter

Also known as the result of texting and walking, a quintessential millennial injury.

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