Academic Medical Centers (AMC) provide critical services often not available elsewhere. In addition to delivering quality patient care, they engage in medical research, uncover clinical breakthroughs, and train future providers.

AMCs’ commitment to providing quality education requires them to maintain harmony between a split academic-clinical focus, onerous administrative tasks, and constant financial.

Partnering with a healthcare management company, one who is willing to work with your current provider model and honor your academic mission, is one way to accomplish that goal.

Addressing Growing Administrative Burdens

Administrative burdens plague hospitals and physicians alike. Frankly, it’s easy to understand why doctors complain there is too much paperwork and too many government and payer regulations.

Piles of Paperwork

The 2021 Medscape Physician Compensation Report surveyed nearly 18,000 physicians across 29 specialties and found that out of the 50 or so hours...