SCP Health is ready to head to Denver for the 2019 ACEP Scientific Assembly, October 27-30. As an exhibitor, we have been busy preparing our booth and getting the word out about the event.

For first-time and returning attendees, ACEP can be impressive, exhilarating, and overwhelming all at once. When attending an event as large as this, it’s important to have a solid game plan before arriving. Here are four tips we recommend when preparing to attend ACEP 2019:

Set a Goal and Strategy  

First, to the best of your ability, figure out and articulate why you are attending ACEP. Knowing your objective for the event will help you make the most of your time while also taking advantage of everything the conference has to offer. Common objectives typically include:  

1. Education  

If you want to learn something new or enhance your skill set there are many courses available where you can gain CME credit.

2. Collaboration and networking

Whether you are...