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Aligning your Emergency Department with your Hospital's Priorities
How to embrace and leverage your ED as a value-drive asset

Essential Strategies to Align your Emergency and Hospital Medicine Teams
Proven strategies to improve interdepartmental communication, establish mutual process standards, align goals, increase accountability, and establish objective data measures to foster optimal outcomes for all involved

Maximizing Hospital Medicine ROI
Strategies to optimize your HM program to satisfy patients, physicians, and your bottom line

Protecting Your Investment in Employed Providers
Primary concerns and benefits with employed provider models

Rethinking Standardization
Leveraging your team, clinical partnerships, and data to drive quality and patient value

Right-Sizing Emergency Care Amid Healthcare Reform (Abstract Feature)
Learn how your hospital can leverage the ED's unique position to produce strategic value, practical solutions, improved quality, and better financial performance. 

The Lifetime Value of Patient Loyalty
Transcending episodic patient satisfaction to create long-term partnerships and collaboration