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The Power of a Strong Leader and Why it Matters More than Ever Before


Today on “Together, We Heal,” we’re going to discuss, The Power of a Strong Leader and Why it Matters More than Ever Before.

In our previous episodes, we’ve talked about addressing disaster fatigue, building resiliency, and implementing strategic staffing techniques to help your hospital and health systems recover from COVID-19 in 2021. At the helm of this is the guidance of strong leadership. As your clinical teams charge through this next phase of the pandemic and continue the journey in their heroic – albeit exhausting – career, it is imperative that your existing leadership adopt key tactics for sustaining and building their long-term retention and engagement.

Restoring patient satisfaction and rebuilding trust among members of the community is vital for hospitals and health systems. Of equal importance is the need to repair the breach in hospital staff and physician satisfaction and trust, while acknowledging that this may look different than before the pandemic started.

The burden falls on business and clinical leadership to drive change. Leaders must come together to assess the damage, determine the steps needed to make the repairs, and implement the required changes to build resilience in the organization. This will ensure that the next time a traumatic event occurs, hospitals will be better prepared to deal with the fallout.

Show Notes

Welcome to this episode of the Together, We Heal podcast from SCP health. This podcast works to bring hospitals and healers together for clinical effectiveness. This series highlights the call to action that COVID has brought to the health system. In this episode, find out why the power of a strong leader matters more now than ever before.

SCP health discusses how imperative it is that leaders adopt key tactics for sustaining and building long term retention and engagement with their teams. There has been a breech in trust and satisfaction that ultimately needs to be repaired. Find out why it is the leadership that must come together for the resilient change needed to restore this trust and prepare the industry for next time.

There are two primary areas identified as being necessary for leaders to develop a healthy practice environment. First, it is crucial to consider evaluating the medical director. This direction has the most influence over providers. Find out what questions to ask about your director and how evaluating leaders can directly influence provider satisfaction.

Second, learn about the importance in  evaluating your business leaders. The following three focuses are key in moving forward with this: engage and empower the team, keep communication lines open, and ensure adequate coverage. Don’t miss out on the details about each of these areas and how reinforcing your core values can help your team to rebound from the pandemic. SCP challenges the listeners to be transparent about their strengths and weaknesses, and ensure to include others in this evaluation for the utmost effectiveness in moving forward!

Consider COVID’s call to action in rebuilding the trust and satisfaction of your teams!


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