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Innovatively Flexing Your Workforce to Meet Current Demands


Today on “Together, We Heal,” we will cover how to innovatively flex your workforce to meet current demands.

We will share tips on how to heal from the exhaustion that’s persisted throughout the pandemic—and how to help your clinicians and workforce recover and remain resilient so they can serve patients with the highest quality care.

Preparing for and managing staffing challenges was a critical focus throughout the last year - and it may continue to be. With a workforce stretched thin and a variety of scheduling and staffing needs, you’re likely considering alternative methods to flex your workforce to best serve patients.

A 2018 study by the Association of American Medical Colleges showed by the year 2030, the projected physician shortage for specialties including emergency medicine, anesthesiology, radiology, neurology, and psychiatry is between 20 thousand to more than 36 thousand. These projections persist EVEN with moderate increases in APRNs and PAs, delayed physician retirement, and changes in payment and delivery.

And now, we have the impacts of COVID-19 at the helm.

A shortage in physicians can mean more stress on your existing team, longer hours, more overtime, and general clinician dissatisfaction with work. Clinicians are burned out, and they need hospital leadership to execute a solid plan of reassurance with innovative staffing techniques.

Show Notes

Tune in to the Together, We Heal podcast from SCP Health. In this podcast, they work to bring hospitals and healers together for clinical effectiveness. While offering services on the entire continuum of care, SCP Health shares their expertise to create healthier communities both within and outside hospital walls. Today’s episode focuses on innovation in flexing one’s workforce to meet the current demands. Find out tips to help heal from the exhaustion of the pandemic, along with advice to help your workforce recover and be resilient to serve patients with the highest quality of care.

While alternative methods are constantly being explored, there proves to be a shortage of physicians and clinicians. Listen as today’s host identifies the three key steps one should take in reassessing workforce needs. First, hear about the importance of examining your recruitment and retention strategy. Effectiveness should be evaluated for quality candidates in timely manner—factoring retention in on the front end is crucial. Next, learn about how to ensure adequate coverage. Does the provider-patient ratio serve both parties? Take a look at both the day-to-day, and the overall, pictures. Finally, hear about how to navigate the new virtual world and working from home. Both the patient experience and the patient satisfaction are crucial. Are you proactive in addressing these challenges? 


:44 - Introducing today’s topic - Innovatively Flexing Your Workforce to Meet Current Demands
1:51 - The cause and impact of a shortage in clinicians.
2:18 - Three steps to reassess workforce needs.
6:53 - Conclusion and next steps. 

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