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Season 1

Building a Vision for the Future During COVID


Today on “Together, We Heal,” we’re going to discuss, How to Build a Vision for the Future During COVID. 2020 was undoubtedly a year unlike any we have ever experienced. While the COVID crisis is not fully in our rear-view mirror, COVID has given us a strong call to action – to use what we’ve learned in the industry to improve, grow, adapt and ultimately provide better patient care. Today, we will dive into what we have learned and how you will write your health system’s next chapter of prevailing and resetting for success in the months ahead.

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Show Notes

Welcome to this episode of the Together, We Heal podcast from SCP health. This podcast works to bring hospitals and healers together for clinical effectiveness. This series highlights the call to action that COVID has brought to the health system. In this episode, find out how together we can build a vision for the future during COVID. 

2020 was a year unlike any we have ever experienced, The first stage of the pandemic consisted of shock and awe, the second of rebuilding trust and the third resilience, all of which have been discussed in previous episodes. This brings us to chapter four: Prevailing and Resetting. While the COVID crisis is not fully in the rearview mirror, the future is upon us. The industry can now use what we’ve learned to improve, grow, adapt and provide better patient care.

How do you plan to maintain your role as the trusted advisor in your community? The first thing we have learned is that patients have fears and need trustworthy and authoritative clinicians. Patients have shown their willingness to listen and learn. What does this mean for you and your healthcare system? First, don’t stop sharing the facts and use your momentum to continue engaging with your community. We have also learned the importance of creating new ways patients can access care, adapting and eliminating bureaucratic obstacles. A golden opportunity for embracing change remains and should be embraced. The industry is aware that COVID-related trauma will be pervasive in the years to come. We will all reach a point when we will need to ask for help, including clinicians. Clinical and business leaders will need to set an example of resilience, compassion and hope.

There are two key steps in building a strategic plan for the future. First, invest in staff loyalty by ensuring they are appreciated, organized and prepared. It’s important to collaborate with your medical teams and make sure they remember their purpose. Second, recapture and maintain patient loyalty and trust. Remember to listen more, speak less and really understand the audiences you’re communicating with.


0:45 Episode introduction
2:40 - What has been learned throughout the COVID crises.
4:30 - How to provide support for staff and patients.
4:52 - Two key steps in building plan for the future
9:20 - Closing sentiments

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