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Schumacher Clinical Partners Joins Legislative Efforts to Save Public-Private Hospital Partnerships in Louisiana

Schumacher Clinical Partners (SCP) urges Louisiana legislators to continue to fund the public-private partnerships in the state. Proudly supporting its longtime partner, Lafayette General Health and their #SAVEUHC movement, SCP has enlisted the help of its many employees and providers across the state to advocate on behalf of their patients in saving this vital community health center.

“The state is in the midst of a budget crisis that our legislators and the governor are attempting to resolve,” wrote Dr. Randy Pilgrim, Enterprise Chief Medical Officer, in a letter directed to employees and providers. “A dangerous game of politics and strategy is occurring in Baton Rouge while our healthcare system is in jeopardy,” he continued. “The state’s current budget crisis must be taken seriously. But not at the expense of our patients and our healthcare system.”

“We have been part of the healthcare community in South Louisiana since 1994, and believe in the critical necessity of institutions like UHC to not only help care for patients, but to also help train and educate tomorrow’s physicians and nurses,” Pilgrim remarked, referring to the residency training at UHC. “We have always advocated on behalf of our patients, physicians, and hospitals to ensure the delivery of quality care is upheld,” he added.

SCP urges the public to help bring momentum to this effort by contacting state legislators asking to support the full-funding of the public-private hospital partnerships across the state.