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Customers expect businesses to have a central line they can call for answers, appointments, and customer service. But many hospitals don’t have the resources to offer this convenience to patients.

SCP’s provider and physician referral line allows you to help patients find and access all of your hospital services. Managed entirely by an SCP Health customer service team, this call center can be marketed to the public as a single line for all patient needs.

Hospital value

  • Promotion of 24/7 patient access
  • Enhancement to patient experience
  • Warm-lead appointment transfers
  • Class scheduling
  • Centralized number for community members with questions, concerns, or suggestions
Physician Referral Line

Providing support to community employers

A New Mexico facility used the SCP’s provider locator services and physician referral line to grow partnerships with local businesses and optimize patient navigation. This case study shows how this initiative brought in a steady stream of new patients and positively impacted the facility’s bottom line—and their patient satisfaction ratings.

“All of the services provided by SCP are value-added. Service coordination is hands down one of the most valuable components of the program.”