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The first hours and days after patients leave your hospital’s ED are critical to healing and determining the appropriate follow-up care. And some patients aren’t prepared with a primary care doctor or specialist in case their recovery doesn’t go as planned. This is where our Patient Navigation program steps in to fill the care coordination gap and position your hospital as the clear choice for follow-up care.

How it works

We understand that patient transitions of care are some of the most critical points along the care continuum and present many risks for discontinuity in the patient experience. The Patient Navigation program is a non-clinical telephonic contact and engagement system for patients discharged from the emergency department. The program identifies and engages patients over 18 that require follow-up care with a community physician. 

Hospital benefits

  • Improved transitions of care
  • Enhanced integration with primary care
  • Lower hospital readmissions and/or ED visits
  • Decreased repeat visits, procedures, labs, and imaging
  • More engaged patients
  • Better patient care experience
  • Improved hospital utilization