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Achieving preferential market share in your community is key to a comprehensive growth plan. However, supplying in-house resources to promote your hospital can be difficult.

Our white labeled Direct-to-Employer Business Development Program links healthcare facilities with local employers and tackles the marketing, sales, and customer service logistics for you. We forge and manage targeted collaborations resulting in exponential improvements in consumer preference, reputation, utilization, and market growth. 

Over 95% client contract renewal rate for this program

How it works

Acting as an extension of your hospital, we provide a community liaison to coordinate employer and community relationships on behalf and as part of your hospital. Through these relationships, you gain greater access and visibility within an insured population. Ultimately, your hospital becomes the preferred provider for care in your community.

Hospital benefits

  • Grow your investment - Our clients average a 200% ROI in the first year on expected reimbursement for commercial lines of revenue.
  • Generate revenue - With direct access to local employees, your health system can be the provider of choice for all employer-related medical dollars.
  • Enhance and/or improve your payor mix - Target employee populations based on insurance class to diversify your payment sources.
  • Achieve ongoing population insights - Flex your services based on patient utilization metrics.
  • Gain market exclusivity - Broaden your patient population for exclusive market coverage. 
Curious to learn how we could support your hospital marketing efforts?