It's a new year, but for providers and clinical leaders who continue to be stretched and stressed on all fronts by the pandemic, it may not feel that way. Their resilience has been severely tested physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Yet, the need for resilience is always paramount, crisis or no. And it falls to hospital executives—medical directors and administrative staff—to develop resilient clinical leaders and build a culture that supports strength and growth, even in tough times.

What Does Resilience in a Clinical Setting Look Like?

Before learning how to build resilience, it's incumbent on us to understand the term's meaning from a clinical perspective. 

Resilience is emotional toughness and a "predictor of success for individuals in stressful situations," says the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. It has several predictive factors that indicate who will have the quality, including heightened confidence in one's abilities, disciplined routines, and...