In recognition of Veteran’s Day, SCP Health sends a special ‘thank you’ to the individuals who have bravely served this country in the armed forces—and we humbly honor those who are no longer with us.

Today on the blog, we are recognizing veterans, as well as active duty members and reservists, by sharing five ways service members can be a strong asset to any clinical or leadership team:

1- Service above self

Those who have served or are serving in the military often have passion for a bigger cause and dedication to serving others—the same qualities you’d want in a physician or leader in your hospital.

2- Leadership development

The military places a high premium on leadership—a priority that is vital in today’s hospital environment. Particularly in Emergency Medicine, the ability to lead under pressure and in stressful situations has never been more important for healthcare delivery teams. Leadership skills developed in the military translate well to a rapidly evolving and dynamic industry.

3- Team-oriented

The armed forces function under a well-defined structure, clearly delineating how each individual fits into a larger team; unity and cohesion of the team/unit are essential for mission success. Within hospitals, interdisciplinary care teams and shared decision making continue to gain traction.

4- Continuous focus on process improvement

Training, training, and more training is a hallmark for readiness and success in the military. The culture of training and readiness develops a mindset for continuous learning, education, and improvement. Financial headwinds in healthcare and a global pandemic require teams who can frequently reevaluate how to do things better and more efficiently.

5- Respond to the unexpected

The importance of collaboration and agility in healthcare may have never been more apparent than in the year 2020. Those who are or have been a part of the military are uniquely trained and equipped to be ready for whatever obstacles/challenges may come their way.

Zooming In: How to be a Veteran-Friendly Employer

At SCP Health, we put action behind our words. Beyond simply thanking and recognizing veterans, reservists, and active duty members of the armed forces, we have prioritized making SCP Health a great place to work for these groups as well.

Dr. Joshua Puhr, a Vice President and Regional Medical Officer with SCP Health, is also a practicing physician and a member of the U.S. Army Reserves. In a conversation with Dr. Puhr, he shared how SCP’s approach to hiring and supporting veterans and reservists allows him—and others—to enjoy fulfilling careers. He specifically noted the following five essentials for healthcare facilities looking to attract and retain more service members:

  • Be flexible and supportive with deployment or reserve commitment
  • Offer tele-work capabilities to enable synergy across civilian and military duties
  • Provide ongoing leadership development and mentoring opportunities
  • Prioritize access to mental health, counseling, and wellness resources
  • Foster an environment of respect for veterans/military service members’ prior training, skills, and leadership development.

SCP Health’s commitment to these essential practices is just one of the reasons to consider working for or with us.

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