It has been an intense year of change for healthcare. In this post, we round up some of the recent shifts that have occurred in the world of healthcare information technology.

Health IT Can Both Fuel and Fight Nurse Burnout

Hear from Virtua Health’s AVP of Nursing Informatics about the “user-friendliness” of EHRs, how to effectively problem solve using technology, and how innovative features like voice recognition can support nurse workflow.

2020-2025 Federal Health IT Strategic Plan is Now Available

Read up on the federal government’s four overarching goals and accompanying objectives and strategies. They include: promoting health and wellness, enhancing the delivery and experience of care, and more.

3 Major Challenges for Health IT in 2021

From telehealth to remote work, and patient experience to artificial intelligence, learn what challenges the CEO of Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians is anticipating in health IT in the coming year.

Major Security Incidents Are the New Normal for Hospitals and Health Systems  

In the 2020 HIMSS Cybersecurity Survey,168 healthcare cybersecurity professionals were surveyed about the current landscape. Their feedback points to growing disruption and danger from security incidents—including phishing attacks, ransomware, website attacks, and more. To keep financial, employee, and patient info safe, hospitals need to be proactive in safety and recovery plans.

Predictive Analytics Model can Improve Inpatient Sleep

This technology used data from patient visits to develop an algorithm predicting overnight stability. The model showed significant success in allowing more patients to sleep through the night without any unnecessary interruptions. As an added benefit, the nightly workload for nursing staff would decrease significantly, allowing them to focus more time on highly acute patients. 

3 Tips for Adding Telehealth to Your Surge Plans

While surge planning became a topic of higher importance during the pandemic, surges can happen in any season or situation; it’s important to be prepared. This resource provides three simple tips for using telehealth as part of a robust surge management toolkit.

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