Author: Rich D'Amaro, SCP Health Chief Executive Officer

Our company – formerly known as Schumacher Clinical Partners – was founded decades ago on the belief that there was a better way to deliver and manage emergency medical services in the hospital environment. We came about to fill the gap in hospital needs: recruiting, deploying, and leading all aspects of the emergency department physician world. From the beginning, the highly sophisticated needs of clinical practices have been our core competency.

Over time, just as the healthcare environment has evolved, so too has our vision which encompasses a broader role as a clinical service partner.

As we continued to grow and push forward into new services and new regions, it became clear there was a need to better communicate who we are and what we offer. So, we set out to reimagine ourselves.

A New Name

Similar to how many of our clients have changed their names from “XYZ Hospital” to “XYZ Health System,” our new name – SCP Health – places greater emphasis on what we do. “Health” in all its many forms – from servicing patients to outfitting hospitals – defines our purpose.

SCP Health is a clinical company. At our core, we work to bring hospitals and healers together in the pursuit of clinical effectiveness.

Our new name also gives us an opportunity to reimagine our visual identity in a way that is clear, confident, and contemporary. The result is a new logo that captures our aspirations as a leader in clinical effectiveness: Always improving. Always moving forward. This is graphically represented by the arrows pointing up and forward in our new logo.

SCP Health_Together, We Heal

Our new tagline – Together, We Heal - expresses what we work toward every day and the value we present to clinicians and hospitals alike.

Building On the Values That Bond Us Together

The changes to our brand name, logo, and tagline exclaim boldly and confidently who we are. But what’s not changing is our deep, unrelenting commitment to clinical effectiveness and to the patients, providers, and partners who help us realize it – all day, every day.

Our Purpose

  • We provide clinical leadership and all the requisite tools so that our providers can focus on the needs of patients.
  • We help hospitals adapt, grow, and excel clinically so that they can better serve both patients and their communities.
  • In doing so, we set out to make a positive difference across the entire continuum of care.

Our Essence is Partnership

Agile: We adapt to the evolving needs of our clinical and business environments, fostering changes that will make a difference.

We listen to the needs of our partners to seamlessly integrate and optimize performance.

We treat our partners with dignity, empowering clinicians and patients alike through increased transparency.

Your Clinical Effectiveness Partner

In today’s healthcare environment, it is not just about the time a provider spends with the patient, but also how effective the extended episode of care is.

Right now, most of our care is delivered within the four walls of the hospital, and that’s how the physician outsourcing industry started. However, our clinical offerings have started to evolve, spanning the entire continuum of care from hospital-based medicine to e-health, intensive care, ambulatory care, wellness, and post-acute care. As we continue to move towards providing care outside of the four walls of the hospital, we become the clinical effectiveness partner for health systems across the country.

We achieve success by removing the noise, reducing variation, being consistent in what we do, hitting our targets, and satisfying the patient.

From the clinicians we empower in our communities to the partners we choose to work with, we are committed to achieving a higher level of care. And we will work harder every day than the last until we get there.

Healing is our brand

Our hope is that this new vision for the future will inspire our stakeholders, both internal and external, to help us build on the value of our brand.

We ask our external stakeholders to continue to trust in our company. We remain committed to building on our long-term relationships. The promise of the new SCP Health is a better, stronger, more rewarding partnership.

And, for our own part, we will continue to codify our reputation as friendly, transparent, collaborative, easy to work with – but we must go further. So, as we embark on this journey to the forefront of clinical leadership, we’re inviting you to come along: To make happier healers, and healthier practices.


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