It’s no surprise that telemedicine is a fast-paced, transforming industry. In an era where a small phone in your pocket can do everything from control your television remote to adjust your home thermostat from anywhere in the world, the expectation for virtual access to medicine is quickly growing.

The best telemedicine delivery starts with establishing solid telehealth governance. Members of our Consulting Services team, along with other renowned experts on the subject matter, recently created an in-depth plan for instituting telehealth governance with a focus on three key functions: management, prioritization of services, and achieving return on investment.

Their plan, which published in Telehealth and Medicine Today, focuses on:

  • Processes to find the right telehealth executive champion within your organization
  • The best ways to form a multidisciplinary team
  • Examples of telehealth organizational structures
  • Methodologies for success
  • How to effectively track outcomes

The more confident your organization is in creating a thriving telehealth program and culture, the more beneficial your program can be. The first step is to embrace telehealth governance as a tool to harness the transformative power of virtual medicine.

You can access the full report here

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