The second story in our COVID-19 Reports series highlights a city government’s response to needs in its South Louisiana community. As a reminder, this blog series is dedicated to showing how SCP Health’s hospital and community partners are responding in real-time with strength and innovation to the rapidly changing COVID-19 pandemic.  

Deploying a COVID-19 Patient Information Line for the Lafayette, LA Community 

Partner Background:

Knowing that SCP Health (SCP) already had a Patient Information Line model running to support client hospitals, Lafayette Consolidated Government (LCG) in South Louisiana asked SCP to provide a similar call line for the entire parish to improve community awareness, health, and support.


Within 48 hours of LCG expressing interest, SCP had the Patient Information Line up and running. The service was set up for access through the city’s already established 3-1-1 hotline, available 24/7. It is staffed by clinical (nurses) and nonclinical care coordinators who assist with questions pertaining to the COVID-19 virus, screen callers for COVID-19 testing at local testing sites, and triage patients as needed.

The offering was promoted via LCG’s website, social media, and press coverage. After just the first operational day, this COVID-19 Patient Information Line received 460 calls from the Lafayette community. The chart below demonstrates the incredible volume the care coordinators received in the first 14 days.

Lafayette Consolidated Govt Patient Information Line

In response to the significant impact that the Patient Information Line has had on the community, Mayor-President of Lafayette Josh Guillory said: 

“To the medical staff of the 3-1-1 call center: I cannot express my appreciation enough for your skill and continued efforts during this difficult time in our parish. With a medical crisis of this caliber, the importance of providing accurate information is essential. As medical professionals, you are on the front lines of our battle with this virus and the misinformation it creates. Thank you for the care, comfort and clarity that you provide to our community. I am honored to see this team working together to overcome this virus.” 

SCP is honored to partner with LCG throughout this crisis. The Patient Information Line is a valuable resource that can help keep communities calm, healthy, and educated with accurate information about the epidemic. SCP is ready to support other hospitals, businesses, or local governments in implementing a Patient Information Line—please contact us if you are interested.