COVID-19 was a catalyst for many things in 2020, including telehealth utilization, physician compensation trends, and a spotlight on the heroism of clinicians around the globe. Here, we take a brief walk down blog post memory lane to review these important topics and explore how we can apply what we have learned to start 2021 off strong.

1. Best Practice Guide for Virtual Provider-Patient Communications

Take an in-depth look at telehealth, including its history, advantages and challenges to its use, and best practice guidelines for clinical settings. 

2. How COVID-19 Has Affected Physician Compensation

Zoom in on the pandemic’s effect on the main productivity-based method of payment called the Relative Value Unit (RVU) model—and how those effects compare to COVID-19’s impact on the other key models of clinician compensation.

3. Hospital Management in Crisis Situations: Resources from SCP Health

Explore 10 resources that have helped SCP’s partner hospitals and health systems navigate the pandemic.

4. Is the Nursing Shortage Reaching 'Pandemic' Proportions?

Join Traci Shortt, RN, NP—Vice President of Client Services at SCP—for a conversation about reasons and potential solutions for the widespread nursing shortage. 

5. Healing Warriors: Stories from the Front Lines of COVID-19

Take a moment to remember and show gratitude to our clinician heroes who are still on front lines fighting COVID-19 and its widespread effects.

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