The holiday season is upon us—meaning most of our time, effort, and dollars are likely going toward celebrations, decorations, tasty treats, and of course: gifts! In the spirit of all things merry and bright, we asked our SCP Health medical providers what’s on their wish list this year. Read on for a roundup of the most common answers.

1. Quality Time

Topping the lineup this year is something intangible: dedicated time with family and friends.

If you employ providers, consider implementing a meeting-free month to allow your staff more time away from work to spend with their loved ones.

If your friend or family member is a clinician, make sure to prioritize quality time. Two of our SCP Health doctors said:

  • “I would love to go on a big vacation… holiday in Greece, anyone?”
  • “There’s nothing better than having a happy, healthy family—especially around the holidays. Being able to spend time celebrating and relaxing with them means more to me than anything money can buy.”

2. Tech & Gadgets

For the tech-savvy providers in your life, consider:

  • Sleep assistance: One of our physicians recommends Dodow, a scientifically-designed gadget that soothes the brain, relaxes the body, and improves natural sleep habits. (Bonus: It’s quite affordable!)
  • Bluetooth speakers or headphones: It’s time to blast all the favorite holiday tunes—or listen to a good audiobook during time off. One of our physician assistants swears by his Airpods while another is loyal to her Beats by Dre—so you’ll have to decide for yourself what’s best for the clinician you’re buying for. Check out a comprehensive list of top speakers and best headphones, according to Tech Radar.

3. Comfort

Just about everyone loves gifts that make them more comfortable. For providers, this type of gift can help them de-stress and relax after long, exhausting shifts. 

  • Things to wear: One of our nurse practitioners has these cozy slides on her list this year, while one of our physicians is hoping for a warm jacket embroidered with her facility’s name and logo.
  • Things to smell: Medical smells can be distinctly unpleasant, so it’s just common “scents” to get a nice candle or essential oil diffuser for your medical colleague or loved one.
  • Things to eat: Check out local companies for aesthetically packaged assortments of treats for your sweet-toothed clinician or – the big trend hitting many cities these days – a beautiful custom charcuterie board. (Pro tip: We’ve heard that dessert baskets pair well with a list of recommended dentists.)

4. DIY

Finally, all our clinicians agreed that, when it comes to their families and friends, DIY gifts are often the best. We heard fantastic stories of beautiful signs, love-filled crafts, handmade scarves, funny cards, nostalgic photo albums, and fun jewelry.

While these types of DIY presents often come from loved ones, our providers also felt that personal, handwritten notes of appreciation from colleagues or superiors were especially meaningful around the holiday season.


That concludes our holiday gift roundup for this year. We hope it brought a smile and inspired you to get started on that shopping list. If you have any great gift ideas of your own, share them with us on social media; we always love to hear from you.