This post is the last in our three-part series examining COVID-19's effect on healthcare. The content was derived from our recent webinar collaboration with Modern Healthcare, COVID's Call to Action: Resetting for Success in 2021. Part one discussed how to improve patient access and loyalty. Part two talked about how healthcare executives can better support clinicians. Here, we look at how consumer interests and behavior has changed over time during the course of the pandemic.

If we go back to what the world was feeling when COVID-19 began its march across the country a year ago, we find more uncertainty than knowns, and most of us had no way of anticipating what we would be up against at that time. Our patients and communities were desperate for information and trying to find the best way to manage on all key fronts.

Consumer Search Trends

Google Trends shows how COVID-related search terms trended starting in March of 2020, reaching their peak on March 12 when numbers of infected...