Though many states are reopening and businesses are trying to get back to a routine, the COVID-19 pandemic unfortunately, isn’t over. However, there is much we can learn from what we’ve been through so far to help us improve our approach during this pandemic and afterwards. In preparation for our recent webinar collaboration with Modern HealthcareCOVID-19 as a Catalyst: Rebuilding the House While Preparing for the Future—our SCP experts spent some time reflecting on lessons learned  from this crisis time.

Keep reading for five takeaways thus far from the COVID-19 pandemic about communication, mental health, teamwork, telehealth, and more. Each of the five lessons also includes additional resources you can use to take action moving forward.  

#1: Effective communication isn’t just important—it’s essential

Establishing a culture of consistent, clear, and compassionate communication is absolutely imperative—and it bears the...