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As a hospital leader, you’re faced with driving positive change across provider groups. But often a lack of actionable data and insufficient communication leaves you with unmet goals, inconsistent performance, and reduced reimbursements.

At SCP we’ve been able to help hospitals provide quality health services by implementing high performing clinical processes across hundreds of hospitals, with thousands of providers, who treat millions of patients. We do this through our unparalleled data repository and over $75 million in technology investments that give our providers the tools they need to practice great medicine and get great results.

Above average quality care

As the industry leader in providing feedback and data intelligence to our providers and hospital leaders, we’re able to get all our 7,500 providers “rowing in the same direction.” By critically defining a single performance goal and rooting out variations in practice patterns, we help manage your provider base towards the outcome – and can complete the transition within an average of 60 days. 

PQRS scores show that SCP hospitals are above the national median.]

Note: National data curve is estimated from actual mean and standard deviation scores. Individual data points are not publicly available. 

Rapid performance adoption and consistent care

Within 60 days, your facility can achieve 99% documentation compliance using our consistent, repeatable, patient-centered care processes and systems. Once behavior change is embedded in your facility, we move onto a different goal metric and approach change in the same way. This provides a long-term, longitudinal, strategic approach to change and a foundation for maintainable performance improvement.

Effect of individualized feedback on PQRS results for new providers

Effect of individualized feedback on PQRS results for new providers

Our robust approach benefits hospital and health systems by:

  • Reducing variation and, therefore, lower cost
  • Improving patient outcomes
  • Lowering readmissions
  • Increasing potential revenue

Critical Care Program Transformation

Learn how SCP Health helped this Texas facility rethink physician staffing, implement data-based decision-making processes, encourage ICU/ED collaboration, and improve LOS and vent days in the ICU.